Hello, Friends

Welcome to the grand re-opening of JG2Land. We’ve made vast improvements since those kids got crushed to death on our “Carousel of Outmoded Electronics” ride. Every attraction now has a height limit and requires two forms of I.D. Also, our Tom Collins Hospitality Tent has been shut down indefinitely. On the brighter side, senior citizens still get in for free on Sundays and we’ve lowered the price of our famous ostrich legs! Mmmm mmmm!

Okay, enough horsing around. For the uninitiated, my name is James and I’m a writer. I turned semi-pro when I was fifteen and it’s been all downhill since. My day-to-day life isn’t all that interesting or captivating, so this blog is going to be more a repository of ideas, commentary, and recurring “bits,” if you will. Hopefully you’ll find it entertaining. Hopefully it won’t land me in any kind of hot water with my day job / Al-Qaeda / Don Rickles.

So what’s on tap specifically for this unprecedented addition to the blogosphere? Unwarranted opinions on music / movies / current events. Foolhardy undertakings, such as a grand attempt to review every episode of “The Simpsons” ever and further experiments in film/album synchronization (anyone remember when I used to do this?). Up to the minute coverage of the JG2 2008 Death Pool-o-Rama. General tomfoolery. Wacky hi-jinks. Clown sucking.

What else can I say? Thanks for tuning in. Here’s a Presidents Of The United States Of America review to tide you over until my next entry. Until then, hasta lasagna, don’t get any on ya.

3 responses to “Hello, Friends”

  1. tiphaine says :

    Clwn sucking! How dare you?

  2. Abby Wants Your Blog To Sit says :

    You’re an annoying habit to break. Glad you’re back.



  3. jamesgreenejr says :


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