Stanley Kamel: 1943-2008

Stanley Kamel, the seasoned actor best known for playing the psychiatrist on “Monk” but who is more familiar to me as the Las Vegas con man from Corvette Summer, died a couple of days ago at the senseless age of 65. The culprit? Straight up heart attack. No one had Stan in the death pool, so scores remain unchanged.

Kamel’s resume is kind of Troy McClure-ish. While he had a number of high profile gigs over the years (“Beverly Hills, 90210,” “L.A. Law”), there’s plenty of stuff on there that doesn’t sound even remotely real. I’m talking about such fare as:

Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law
Goodnight, Beantown
Captain America II: Death Too Soon
Ray Alexander: A Taste For Justice
Like Father, Like Santa

I would also like to point out that Stan made appearances on nearly every detective/cop show of the seventies and eighties, including but not limited to:

“McMillan & Wife”
“Hardcastle and McCormick”
“Scarecrow and Mrs. King”
“Cagney & Lacey”
“Mancuso, FBI”
“Father Dowling Mysteries”
“The Mod Squad”
“Barney Miller”
“Murder, She Wrote”
“The Fall Guy”
“Hill Street Blues”
“Knight Rider”
“Charlie’s Angels”

Stan even a stint on a two part “Hunter” episode entitled “Naked Justice.” Clearly, Kamel was king (of the prime time sleuth drama).

Oh, and p.s. – I will fight anyone who tries to tell me “Knight Rider” was not a detective show. Michael Knight was all over crime like white on rice!

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