Good News / Bad News

The good news: Kings Of Rock, the two-disc Gluecifer best of/rarities collection that has absolutely nothing to do with Run-D.M.C. and features liner notes penned by yours truly, was officially released last week.

The bad news: It’s only available in Norway right now. The rest of the world has to wait two whole months before access to this seemingly final Glue product is granted. Sure, you could try ordering it here, but unless you’re fluent in Norwegian, you’re going to have a tough time working out the finer details (and I’m really not sure if they even accept currency other than “Krs”). At least you can peep the track listing.

Don’t feel bad, two other people in America who like Gluecifer. I haven’t even received my promo copy yet, and I wrote the goddamn liner notes! I mean, what the hell! I didn’t spend ten agonizing minutes cobbling that text together so Sony/BMG could drag their feet sending me my free copy! Jesus H. Lebowski! I’m an American! I have rights!

But I kid the massive corporate machine that’s simultaneously distributing excellent rock n’ roll and providing me with some much needed exposure. As soon as I get my complimentary Kings Of Rock, I’ll letcha know what I think of it (I’ll be honest—if something about it sucks, I’ll say so!).

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