Other Ridiculous Crap Wookieepedia Taught Me Today


– The Jawa who shot R2-D2 was named Datcha and was apparently well-known throughout the galaxy for “taunting a krayt dragon and living to tell the tale”

– C-3PO once lead a droid rebellion against Boonda the Hutt

– The guy who played Wedge in that once scene gets pissy if you call him “Fake Wedge” even though he willingly admits it was his own fault he got fired

– R2-D2 can breakdance

– Later in life, Zuckuss (the squid-looking mamajama from Empire Strikes Back) was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder

– R5-D4, the droid from the first movie with the bad motivator (who may or may not have been intentionally sabotaged by R2-D2), sometimes went by the name Skippy and may have possessed Jedi powers

Admiral Ackbar eventually had a Star Destroyer named after him

– I don’t know as much about Star Wars as I thought I did

– I need a new job

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