The Border’s In Order

While perusing YouTube yesterday, I came across this classic Taco Bell ad:

I had completely forgotten that guy with the ridiculous hair even existed. I was sort of obsessed with him when M.C. Hammer first came out. Like, how could anyone have a backup dancer with hair that distracting? It’s almost an eyesore. Is any of it real? How does does that guy sleep at night? Literally, does he sleep standing up?

Well, anyway, I forgot that guy existed and that he was in this commercial. He seems pretty cool. I didn’t realize he had magical pants like his boss. Did everyone who rolled with Hammer back in the day have crazy pants? Man, to spend a day in that posse.

Also, I wonder if Hair Guy came up with that awesome slogan he says. “‘Cause the Border’s in order!” That’s right up there with Terrence Tate’s “condense the nonsense.” I want desperately to believe those four words were of his own creation, if only to justify his presence on Earth beyond that hair.

Okay, I just watched the clip again, and if you look real hard, you can see that, in addition to the vertical nightmare, Hair Guy also has a pony tail. Two feet of hair and and pony tail? Now that’s truly out tha daw.

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One response to “The Border’s In Order”

  1. Mandy says :

    He slept on his back with his hair on a pillow… Was the first question I asked when speaking with him. It stood maybe a bit over 12″ off his head and was rock solid.

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