Forgot About The Chup Vid

My pal Jonathan reminded me that this “incredible” footage of a possible Chupacabra was captured last week in south Texas. I think I forgot about it because the animal in question looks more like an injured, underfed coyote than a demonic reptilian blood-sucker.

Okay, I’m convinced now—the Montauk Monster, this Chupacabra video, the Bigfoot corpse—this has all got to be some kind of huge viral marketing stunt for that Splinterheads flick, the new season of “CSI,” or a forthcoming cryptozoology-based video game. What are the odds of three major cryptid stories like this all breaking at around the same time?* JG2 officially calls shenanigans.

I’ll bet you all the money in my piggy bank that Pauly Shore shows up at the Bigfoot press conference tomorrow and they just show the trailer for Encino Man 2. Mark my words. Stupidity is on the horizon.

* = don’t you say a damn word about global warming.

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