How Do We Know This Photo Was Taken Sometime Between 1990 And 1994?

1. The yellow waterproof “Sports” walkman sitting on the table behind me that every kid in America had during those years.

2. The floppy, Mike Myers circa So I Married An Axe Murderer haircut atop my head.

3. The orange tie-dye I’m wearing that looks enough like a Hypercolor shirt to keep me from getting my ass kicked at school.

4. The looks on our faces; such determination, such focus. Clearly, we are playing regular NES in a non-ironic fashion.

5. If you look closely at the controller I’m holding, you’ll see the buttons are hideously neon (the control pad matches my shirt; A & B are both yellow).

6. I’m wearing a cast on my left hand, a basketball-related injury. Everyone knows I haven’t played basketball since Clinton’s first term.

Can you find further evidence?

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