Crazy-Ass Dream: Nirvana Kiddie Concert

I attended a Nirvana concert around the time of In Utero. The large number of children in the audience signaled to me that America’s grunge icons had finally sold out. Before the band started playing, someone in a giant Bill Clinton costume walked onstage (he kind of looked like Mr. Met—normal body, giant head). All the children jumped up and started hugging fake Bill Clinton. They were all squeezing him really tight, liked they loved him more than anything in the world.

Nirvana started rocking out and I noticed Dave Grohl was on a platform in the middle of the crowd with various pieces of eastern percussion. He made grand gestures as he played these instruments. Onstage behind the regular drum kit was some hoser with curly hair and a red bandana. He looked like the guy from Loverboy.

The funniest part of this dream was the moment Dana Carvey ran out between Kurt Cobain and Krist Noveselic and started making stupid faces. He was pulling his hair up into devil horns and sticking his tongue out, and the real funny part is Kurt and Krist were loving it. They were busting a gut watching Dana Carvey interrupt their concert with his patented brand of stupidity.

There was some kind of subplot in this dream about going to a steakhouse with a bunch of people from one of those “We’re so rich, dig our life” reality shows, but I can’t quite remember the details.

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