Don LaFontaine: 1940-2008

Don LaFontaine, the undisputed “King of the Movies” who lent his distinct and dynamic voice to thousands of film trailers over the past five decades, died yesterday allegedly due to complications from a blood clot in one of his lungs. He was 68. More info here.

I remember the first time I saw the GEICO commercial Don did a few years back. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Who knew that epic, monolithic voice came out of a real guy? I always figured it was the product of some kind of Hollywood super computer.

Now, in a world where people literally die, one man will no longer be able to capitalize on his fame as America’s number one movie announcing guy of all-time. This is a bigger shame than Sarah Palin’s daughter (OMFG, I went there!).

Through the magic of YouTube, let’s look back at some of Don LaFontaine’s greatest movie trailer performances:

EDIT: I was going to comment on each of these videos, but I think Don’s awesome work speaks for itself. Any man who can make Captain America sound exciting is a true champion.

Rest in peace, Donny boy.

P.S. – no one had Don LaFontaine in the death pool.

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2 responses to “Don LaFontaine: 1940-2008”

  1. wealthy industrialist says :

    holy crap, did you see captain america freestylin’ that giant frisbee?

  2. jamesgreenejr says :

    I did. Matt Salinger is an ultimate hero. Too bad his dad sucks at it.

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