A Couple Of Recent JG2 Works You Might Have Missed

1. A defense of the 1997 Danzig-less Misfits album American Psycho. Excerpt:

The first thing the astute listener will notice on American Psycho is the vast improvement in Paul Caiafa’s guitar playing (Paul, of course, prefers to go by the name Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein). When he first started in the Misfits, back in 1980, Mr. Von Frankenstein could barely master the tricky two-note solo in ‘We Are 138.’ Here, Doyle has graduated to full-on rock bombast, slamming out muted power chords and pinched harmonics with reckless abandon. This, along with his maintenance of that Ivan Drago physique, must be applauded. That he manages to play the guitar without inadvertently destroying it proves his inherent, undeniable talent.”

2. An interview with Nerf Herder’s Parry Gripp. Excerpted Parry quote:

The first Nerf Herder record was sort of magical for me. The songs were kind of improvised as we played shows for our friends in Santa Barbara. They evolved and grew into something that we could have never just thought of. The rest of the Nerf Herder records have been manufactured, like, here is the verse, here is the chorus, drum break, quiet part, etc. I’m proud of those records, but it is like, ‘Hey, look at this model airplane I glued together.’ That first record is something else. Mostly it doesn’t even rhyme.”

En-friggin’-joy. Misfits fans, the line to kick my ass forms behind the Popeye’s in Bushwick.

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