Bizarre Soft Drinks I Have Recently Encountered: Sidral Mundet

Picture swiped from some other part of the Innernet.

WHAT IT IS: A Mexican apple cider soda dating back to 1902 that’s believed by some to have medicinal properties.

WHERE IT WAS DISCOVERED: A vaguely Hispanic grocery store in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

WHO MAKES IT: FEMSA S.A de C.V, although here in the U.S. it’s distributed in by a company called Novamex.

HOW IT TASTES: Like a very subtle (and decidedly light) apple cider.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: There’s an apple embossed on the glass bottle, although I didn’t notice it until the bottle was empty. The label also proudly announces that Sidral Mundet has been pasteurized (hence the belief it’s something of a cure-all). Who knew you could pasteurize soda? I thought that was a milk-only thing. Is it obvious yet I never made it past Earth Science in high school? Oh, Mr. Nichols, why did you have to flunk me?

NOTES: Sidral Mundet is a cousin of the popular Jarritos line you see all over the place here in Brooklyn, although based on the unassuming brownish color of the pop and its Indian-sounding name, you wouldn’t really know it. Sidral just kind of hangs out in the back of the fridge in most bodegas like the cool stoner from your eleventh grade history class. Yeah, he wants you to drink him, but he’s not gonna bust his ass or act all desperate to try to get your attention. Does he really have medicinal properties? Psssh, he doesn’t know, just like he doesn’t know anything about the War of 1812 or his dad because he’s never around. Let’s face it; Sidral Mundret is the Fonzie of turn of the century Mexican sodas.

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