James Whitmore: 1921-2009

Shrine Auditorium

James Whitmore, the character actor best known for playing lovable old codger Brooks Hatlen in the 1994 prison epic The Shawshank Redemption, died yesterday at the tender age of 87. Lung cancer laid the smack down on this fixture of early television’s sweet, wonderful ass.

Not many people can count both “Chevron Hall Of Stars” and “CSI” among their credits. Respect to you, James Whitmore. I’m sorry I kept confusing you with Richard Widmark for all those years. Hopefully you won’t begrudge me for that in the afterlife.

John P. had Jimmy Whit in the 2008 JG2Land Death Pool Of Death, delivering him a big-ass thirteen points. That brings the current tally to:

LeMar M. – 65
Nathan C. – 16
John P. – 13
Me – 8
Andy C. – 0

Only two months left. Will anyone be able to topple LeMar and his sickening lead? Maybe, if tragedy befalls Jared Leto or Dakota Fanning. Stay tuned, fans of the macabre!

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