Mountain Dew: Standard Text Messaging Rates May Apply

I was greeted by a bizarre and humorous sight early this morning at a well-stocked Pennsylvania convenience store:



Nice to see the Dew keeping up with youth culture. Who has time to type or read a big-ass complicated word like “mountain” anymore? Certainly not any of the Twilight-obsessed middle schoolers who chug Mtn Dew every day while Twittering about Gears of War and/or Chamillionaire. Is he still popular with the kids? Chamillionaire? I don’t really know because I’m OLDER THAN GOD.

On a related note, someone reminded me the other night that I’ve been talking about / working on my soda book for five years now. Yeesh. As if needed a cold, stark reminder that my work ethic suck-diddly ucks. New new year’s resolution: a chapter a week starting now. No more pussyfootin’ around. 2009 shall be the year of the JG2 Oddball Soda Tome. This is my decree. Excelsior!

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