“Oh My God, I Thought You Were Donny Osmond!”

I just remembered an elderly woman said that to me once as I was boarding a non-stop flight from Minneapolis to Orlando. This had to have happened sometime around 2003 or 2004. The most insane part is, at the time, I was actually wearing a t-shirt with Donny Osmond’s picture on it, and literally five seconds before this incident, another elderly female passenger commented, “I like your shirt” as I passed her by.

This first woman’s tone was firm, suggesting she was really saying, “You know, these kids today with their obscene music and hyper-violent television…I’m so glad to see one young person who knows quality entertainment.” If she only knew I was rocking the Don Os tee for kitsch value (and because it had a picture of Marie Osmond on it also, and she was lookin’ all kindsa 1970s hot).

ANYWAY, as I thanked Osmond Fan #1, Osmond Fan #2 looked up with an expression of pure and total shock on her face. I guess she overheard the conversation, glanced at my shirt, and assumed the only person in the world who would wear a Donny Osmond t-shirt would be Donny Osmond himself. She looked and sounded pretty relieved that I wasn’t the genuine article. Why that is, I have no idea. Maybe she owed Donny Osmond some money.

After reviewing the evidence, I can see how someone with poor eyesight on an airplane might mistake me for a toothy Mormon singing sensation:


I guess we can add Jimmy’s brother to the list of celebrities JG2 at least vaguely resembles.

Remember that episode of “Space Ghost” Donny Osmond was on? That was possibly the best fifteen minutes of television ever.

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