Corgan: I Want (More) Moniez!!!1

I must be psychic. Less than twenty-four hours after I posted my SP sellout rant, Chicago’s baldest son went before Congress and swiftly proved my ultimate point (that he’s all about the Benjamins):

Billy Corgan To Congress: Give Bands More Money

On the same day, Corgie delivered a letter to a few Senators that expressed his support of the much-reviled Ticketmaster/Live Nation merger. Quoteth William: “This is a new model that puts power into the hands of the artist, creating a dynamic synergy that will inspire great works and attract healthy competition.”

Man, all this guy’s gotta do now is buy a Gulfstream jet and ring the opening bell on Wall Street and he’ll officially be Alternative Gene Simmons. Can’t wait for the inevitable Corgan Caskets, complete with little stereos that play Muzak versions of “Tonight, Tonight” and “1979.” James Iha’s visage never looked more glorious than the day it was airbrushed on the side of some dead alterna-fan’s coffin.

But I kid Jimmy Chamberlain’s meal ticket. As I said before, he’s always been this way and at least he’s written some great music…which is more than I can say for post-Soundgarden Chris Cornell. That’ guy’s new stuff sounds like some kind of “South Park” parody. You’re just lost without Kim Thayil, aren’t ‘cha, Chris?

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