Why iTunes Sucks Bawlz

The blogger over at Lost Turntable has posted a great rant covering why the trend of iTunes-exclusive album releases (and multiple version releasing in general) sucks mad bawlz. Excerpt:

It’s getting very hard for me to get the music I want in an affordable and easy manner. First it was The Smashing Pumpkins Zeitgeist album, which was released in multiple versions with different tracklistings depending on where you bought it (none of these places being an independent record store) forcing fans who wanted to be legal to buy the same album four times. Then it was Depeche Mode with the bullshit iTunes Pass version of their upcoming Sounds Of The Universe, an $18.99 subscription to the album which promises to feature “exclusive” remixes and b-sides, none of which will be on the $99.99 special edition that I already pre-ordered. This week I finally snapped when I saw Mastodon including special instrumental tracks on the iTunes version of their new album Crack The Skye and Pearl Jam tacking on some bonus live cuts for the iTunes edition of the new Special Edition of Ten.

Both of these albums are also available in very expensive deluxe editions, and neither of them contain the iTunes “exclusive” tracks. The limited edition of Crack The Skye came with an awesome lithograph and extra artwork, and that clocked in at $40. That one was only available at Mastodon’s website (it’s sold out now) as was another special edition that included a t-shirt and a bonus single, which features two of the instrumentals that were supposedly “exclusive” to iTunes. Hardcore fans who bought the more expensive editions at Mastodon’s website got fucked over by being left out of the other tracks on the iTunes version. And of course, you can’t buy those tracks separately, you have to buy the album to get them all.

It’s even worse with the Pearl Jam album. The Super Deluxe version of Ten costs $150. It’s worth the money to hardcore fans (such as I) as it’s loaded with bonus vinyl, a DVD, live stuff, artwork, booklets and even a reproduction of Eddie’s demo for the band. However, it doesn’t include the Live At The Academy tracks that are on the iTunes edition. If I pay $140 bucks for a damn album, I think I should be getting all the shit that’s included on the $16.99 online edition.”

I’d also like to point out that it’s not just big-time jerk-off rock acts that are doing this. Indie cartoon rapper MC Chris pulled this exact shit last year on his album MC Chris Is Dead. The iTunes version that I stupidly bought because I was too lazy to put on pants featured ten tracks. The physical CD version had seventeen. That’s twice the fucking album. That’s such a douche move. MC Chris is always bitching about how hard he works to keep his shit alive for “the fans,” and then he goes and only puts half his record on iTunes. It should have been listed as half an album and sold for $4.99.

LTB wraps things up by noting this kind of stuff “hurts the fans who just want the most music possible from their favorite bands, and it hurts the record industry by limited what independent record stores can sell.” So fucking true. Hey bands—stop trying to bleed us all dry. Be normal and save all your extra tracks and nonsense for awesome B side collections. You’re pissing us all off over here.

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5 responses to “Why iTunes Sucks Bawlz”

  1. Boss Hog says :

    Best advice for this guy….Wait until some other asshole pays 100 dollars for Depeche Mode(what a laugh) uploads it, and then torrent the f out of it. Problem solved.

  2. jamesgreenejr says :

    Yeah, that works, if you wanna be a motherfuckin’ thief! Way to spread poor morals, Al Capone!

  3. Boss Hog says :

    Who’s the bigger thief? Me? Or the a-hole charging 99 bucks for friggin’ Depeche Mode albums? Or maybe, like the man points out, it’s Billy Corgan releasing 5 versions of one album with different track listings that force the fans to buy 5 times. I for one am sick of being bent over and serviced from the rear like an extra on OZ.

  4. Boss Hog says :

    At least I’m not bitter. šŸ™‚

  5. jamesgreenejr says :

    Yeah, I get your drift, but no one’s forcin’ you to buy anything Depeche Mode ever released.

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