2008 JG2Land Death Pool-O-Rama (Lama-Ding-Dong) Officially Over

Well, it’s April 4, 2009, which means the 2008 JG2Land Death Pool Of Death is officially, totally, and completely over. The winner, with a hefty 65 points, is LeMar M. Congrats, LeMar. You win either lunch on me at a reasonably priced restaurant or a copy of Strange Brew on VHS (retail price: $35 in 1983). Choose wisely!

Let’s look at the final standings:

LeMar M. – 65
Nathan C. – 16
John P. – 13
Me – 8
Andy C. – 0

No question, LeMar dominated this game by correctly predicting three big point-earning ’08 deaths – Paul Newman, George Carlin, and Eartha Kitt. The rest of us just got lucky with one expiration apiece (Nathan had Chuck Heston, John scored with James Whitmore, and I got in there thanks to Van Johnson). I think Andy’s skew towards irreverence (read: Wink Martindale, Peter Mayhew) cost him, but I will give him eternal credit for entering Dakota Fanning’s name into regular play. See who everybody had in this post.

I hope everybody had fun with this year’s death pool. Stay tuned for JG2Land Death Pool 2009 Part III: 2 Fast, 2 Furious, 2 Legit To Quit. It’ll make the 2008 death pool look like a game of table tennis!

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