Ideas For The “Office” / “30 Rock” Crossover You Know Is Going To Happen Before 2012

– Tracy Jordan is forced to attend the same workplace sensitivity training seminar as Ryan Howard after the former accidentally lights Kenneth on fire and the latter calls Pam a “stuck-up bitch” for the three hundrenth time

– Jack Donaghy resumes his relationship with that Senator and they do the whole “meeting up in Pennsylvania” thing again; eventually the lovers end up at a diner where Dundler Mifflin warehouse employees like to blow off steam after a long day at work

– Dwight Schrute lands “TGS” as a client and visits their offices after being entranced by Liz Lemmon’s sexy phone voice

– Kelly Kapoor begins dating Lutz for some reason

– Phyllis begins dating Lutz for some reason

– Oscar begins dating Frank for some reason

– It turns out Creed is the father of both Grizz AND Dot Com

– Michael hires the Ghostbusters to investigate a noise he keeps hearing in his office; they accidentally cross the streams and total protonic reversal moves the island of Manhattan to within walking distance of Scranton

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