I Saw The Locust At A VFW Hall And A Damn Puppet Show Broke Out

What the hell were we about to endure? Were things about to get all ‘Romper Room’ up in this mug? Surprisingly, the answer to that question was yes, kind of. As soon as Waifle stopped playing, an honest-to-god homemade hand puppet show broke out that not-so-subtly extolled the virtues of Communism. My friends and I were incensed—not because we disagreed with Communism, but because we couldn’t imagine a more stupid or cloying way to cover that kind of topic (judging from the boos and catcalls, the rest of the audience seemed to agree). Pissed off, we left the venue briefly to get some 25-cent sodas at the nearby Safeway. Adult-sized democracy reigns at discount grocery stores.”

Read the rest of this article (which probably could have been a lot better had I worked 10% harder) here.

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