Important Points I Feel Must Be Made At This Current Juncture

– It’s more humid than Rosie O’Donnell’s nether regions in New York today

– I still think that Tinted Windows song sucks mad bawlz

– Over the past month or so, I’ve really lost enthusiasm for the soda book I’ve been working on; a couple walls were hit concerning structure and depth; for now, I’m putting the manuscript aside and moving on to other projects

– Making a hacky swine flu joke after someone sneezes in public is akin to shitting on the floor at a stranger’s funeral

– I have three articles in the upcoming June issue of Geek Monthly

– The Hipster Grifter’s apology was weaker than Batman Forever

– The return of Darryl to “The Office” last night made me squee with joy, and squeeing is something I usually never do

– Rob Halford is probably my favorite metal vocalist of all-time

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