“Weird Al” Finally Sticks It To Craigslist!!!

Sigh. As funny as this is at some points (slightly used sombrero, LOL), there’s no denying Al’s on autopilot. To paraphrase myself, forget phoning it in—this motherfucker’s FAXING it in. Come on, Yank, you got a number one hit with “White & Nerdy.” It’s time to start challenging yourself again. Where’s the all-polka album? Where’s the UHF sequel?

Fuck it, bro—why don’t you freak out all the squares by going totally straight and making an album of non-comedic tunes? The most shocking thing you could do right now is to reinvent yourself as a serious musical artist. Get all pretentious n’ shit. Go from “Weird” to “Crazy.” Do the Rick Wakeman ice capades rock opera thing and blow people’s minds. Or kill Dexter Holland and join the Offspring. Either way, it’ll be way more refreshing than aping some hippie clown from a million years ago.

On a related note, has anyone ever confirmed that story about Billy Joel’s wife trying to punch out “Weird Al” for that unreleased parody he made called “It’s Just Billy Joel To Me” or whatever it was? The song pretty much called Joel a trend-whoring hack. I guess I’d try to punch “Weird Al” if he wrote a song like that about the person paying my rent the person I loved.

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