Bizarre Soft Drinks I Have Recently Encountered: Mtn Dew Game Fuel (WoW Edition)

gamefuelWHAT IT IS: A liquid reminder that World Of Warcraft, the expansive online role-playing game that’s probably directly responsible for at least 40% of the morbid obesity cases in this country, still exists.

WHERE IT WAS DISCOVERED: Food Dimensions, Brooklyn, NY. This junk is pretty much everywhere.

WHO MAKES IT: Pepsi, a company firmly dedicated to flooding the market with every variation of Mountain Dew imaginable. Get ready for next year’s X-Treme Throwback “Three’s Company” John Ritter Swinger Dew!

HOW IT TASTES: There are two flavors—wild berry and cherry. Both are impossibly sweet and sort of taste like they just plopped giant lumps of sugar into the formula.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: Fuckin’ elves on the label n’ shit. Characters from WoW, obviously. The ogre on the cherry flavor looks enough like Shrek to initiate a lawsuit, I think. I guess there are only so many ways you can draw an ogre.

NOTES: I wish Pepsi had been more creative with the flavors. How many cherry/wild berry sodas have they thrown at us already? 6,000? Jeez. How about a kiwi something-or-other, or maybe some kind of watermelon thing? The box these guys refuse to think outside of must be impossibly small, like Stuart Little’s car. It probably smells terrible, too. Hey Pepsi, get out of your small, smelly box and make an interesting Mtn Dew flavor already! Gimme appletini banana swirl!

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2 responses to “Bizarre Soft Drinks I Have Recently Encountered: Mtn Dew Game Fuel (WoW Edition)”

  1. Felix says :

    I reviewed these on my show a few weeks back–the “Horde Red” (Citrus Cherry) flavor was revolting, but the “Alliance Blue” (Wild Berry) wasn’t TOO bad. Compared to Mtn Dew’s other unnatural blue flavor, “Voltage”, Alliance Blue is downright delicious. LOL

  2. jamesgreenejr says :

    Felix, you’re on fucking drugs. Voltage is delicious.

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