Instant Ed McMahon Tribute

STEP 1: Hit “PLAY” on the following YouTube video. Wait a second to get past the requisite bullshit homemade introduction.

STEP 2: Stare at the photos below.





People Ed McMahon

STEP 3: Read the following hilarious tidbit about Ed McMahon from my life.

In middle school, I knew this kid named Pete R. Pete’s younger brother, whose name I cannot remember (Ralph? Tim?), was an especially confused little boy. Case in point—the kid actually thought Ed McMahon and Santa Claus were one in the same. Like, he was under the impression Santa took off his beard and hung out with Johnny Carson all year after Christmas.

One day I called Pete up for some reason, and in the background I could hear the other Rappoccio brother freaking out.

“What the hell is his problem?” I asked.

“Oh,” Pete casually replied. “We got one of those Publisher’s Clearing House things in the mail, and dumb-ass thinks Santa Claus sent him a personal letter.”

That made me LOL pretty hard.

Rest in peace, Ed McMahon. To at least one American child, you were a beacon of love and hope (and presents).

In case anyone gives a rat’s ass, both R. brothers currently work in the golf industry.

P.S. – Yes, Ed McMahon is dead. Miss him. Miss him.

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