Yes, There Is New Alice In Chains Floating Around Out There

Jerry Cantrell, Sean Kinney, and Mike Inez have inexplicably decided to record a new album, Black Gives Way To Blue, due this September. Pinch singing for the deceased Layne Staley is William DuVall from Comes With The Fall. Yeah, I ain’t never heard of ’em either.

Earlier today, the reconstituted Chains “leaked” a tune from Black called “A Looking In View.” Talk about an exercise in futility. “Looking” sounds like every grunge retread band circa five years ago got together to write the most listless Alice tribute song possible. Check it:

Just a big gross snot bubble of a song with no sharp hook, riff, or solo. It’s miles away from the Alice we all know and love.

I will never understand why these iconic bands like the Chains and Queen and the Doors attempt reunions after their crown jewel lead singers die. What’s the point? Is the guy from the Cult really going to “wow” us with a better rendition of “People Are Strange?” I’m saying this and I’m not even that big a Jim Morrison fan.

It’s just so off-putting that these clowns would throw together state fair versions of groups people worship the world over just for money or to jack off their own egos. I never buy that shit that there’s a new version of Queen touring to honor Freddie Mercury’s memory. Do you know how fucking offended Freddie Mercury would probably be if he rose from the dead tomorrow and saw someone like Adam Lambert singing his songs? He’d probably go apeshit. I imagine Layne and the Lizard King would have similar (albeit more subdued and drug-clouded) reactions.

The only time crap like this works in any capacity is when the band gets an exact sound-a-like (which William DuVall is not). You know, like when Judas Priest got Tim “Ripper” Owens, or when Journey hired that squealer who looked / looks like Kenny G (haven’t seen recent pics of that guy). Otherwise, it’s just a major disappointment. If I wanted to hear Ian Astbury singing Doors songs, I’d commit suicide—I’m sure there’s plenty of that shit going on in Hell.

Oh, by the way, I put “leaked” in quotations earlier because AiC didn’t just throw the MP3 of “A Looking In View” up on their site. You had to sign up for their mailing list and then they e-mailed you a link. Mailing list? WTF? Is this 1998? Hey, Alice in Chains, when I want to know what’s going on at your Geocities-hosted website, I’ll just turn off “The Weakest Link,” put down my copy of The Dilbert Principle, and dial you up on AOL. I get enough spam from dinosaur grunge bands at is it.

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4 responses to “Yes, There Is New Alice In Chains Floating Around Out There”

  1. anonymous says :

    Layne died in 2002, in the most brutal emotional state imaginable. He was the image behind the voice, and he also helped compose and write lyrics – he even did both completely by himself at least twice. However, if you really listen to Alice In Chains and compare it to Jerrys ‘Degradation Trip’ album you wouldn’t be so critical that AIC can’t live on without Layne.

    This is what happens when a guy tours with your band to do a cover voice and turns out to have talent. Layne didn’t write all the songs, he mostly sung them. His voice is the image of the band, but some people (like you) seem to have trouble telling jerry and layne apart, especially their voice and their role in AIC. Also, no one i know has ever called them ‘the chains’. What the fuck man? It’s A-I-C.

    Given that people who liked the band at least heard Degradation Trip in whole, you’re not going to get much positive feedback complaining about a new singer.

  2. anonymous says :

    Let me simplify the above a little, actually,

    Jerry was the nuts and bolts (lyrics and co-vocals).
    Layne was a talented singer and also contributed to the end product co-composing music and vocals.

    Jerry did the heavy lifting for the band, while Layne was the face. Layne died, and the all the albums (excluding Degradation trip recorded before and without laynes help and released after laynes death) were about hope, hopelessness and giving in and, well – death and whatever you interpret them to be.

    The new album is titled as it should be, it’s life after death, literally and figuratively. There was change (Black gives way to blue), a new singer for example. The band choose to live on, Layne chose to die. Jerry is still alive. Survivors guilt can be even more brutal then death, and their new singer has just the right background to keep going.

  3. anonymous says :

    Yeah i take that back. the new album has one song that’s really good, and the rest is rubbish. they pretty much wrote a song on it about not being the same AIC anymore and dealing with negative feedback with the new song, basically not happy they may have ruined their own legacy by keeping their name instead of realizing under another. too bad. interestingly Jerrys solo stuff is significantly better then any given track on this album next to ‘a looking in view’. Weird eh?

  4. jubakala says :

    “A Looking in View” is my favorite song on Black Gives Way to Blue and it’s nice to hear that they sound really fresh through out the album. Can’t wait their next release, whenever it will be released. Soon, I hope! 😀


    Junssi the Alice in Chains Discography Guy

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