A Clarification About My Father’s Gambling

Remember the Super Bowl post I wrote earlier this year that detailed the epic $10,000 bet my father placed on the Pittsburg Steelers in Super Bowl XIII? Well, it turns out I got the story wrong. During a recent visit with JG1, the old coot said the figure in question was a mere $3,000. He also pointed out that he actually lost that bet. Seems Pop put his money on the Cowboys for that game. Damn you, Terry Bradshaw.

Before you start feeling sorry for poor Papa Jimbo, please take into consideration the fact he netted an alleged $14,000 from a bet placed on a Monday Night game that took place a few weeks before the Super Bowl in question. Again, that’s not a typo—that’s FOURTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. One Four Comma Zero Zero Zero. This should tell you A) what kind of tax bracket JG1 was in at the time and B) why he’s on such a strict budget today (I don’t think he’s purchased anything “luxury items” outside beer, KFC, and cigarettes for years).

In fact, when JG1 was relaying this tall tale to me, he mentioned that when he met up with his bookie to collect after the Super Bowl, the bookie told him he threw an extra hundred dollars into his winnings.

“Why did you do that?” my father asked.

“Because you just had a son,” the bookie replied. “And at the rate you’re going, he’s never gonna make it to college.”

And here we are now. Not only did I make to college, I graduated, too! My father isn’t broke, the mob isn’t after him, and Terry Bradshaw currently looks like the monster in Young Frankenstein. I’d say all is right with the world.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I do not vouch for the complete accuracy of anything my father tells me. This is the same man who once claimed to have simultaneously been Elvis Presley’s stunt double and one of the Everly Brothers.

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