MJ’s Ghost Spotted At Memorial Service!


Oh wait, no, that’s just Corey Feldman.

The MJ blogging ends here. The only other thing I’m gonna say about Das King Der Pop is that he got away with naming two of his kids Prince. I can’t believe no one else ever caught that sly fuck you to his biggest musical rival from the 1980s. Like, “Oh, I just LOVE your music SO much, Prince, I’m gonna HONOR YOUR TALENT by naming my kids after you.” Cue snide giggles and maybe one or two guffaws.

I mean, come on, that’s kinda like Mozart naming his kids Salieri. Well, no, wait a minute—I feel like I’m shortchanging Prince a little with that one. Jacko would have had to name his kids after El DeBarge to be like Mozart naming his kids Salieri. I guess the reality is more like Dan Aykoryd naming his kids after Joel or Brian Doyle-Murray.

Does that work for ya? Brian Doyle-Aykoryd? Get back at me about that. I have to go wash all this MJ media coverage off my body.

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3 responses to “MJ’s Ghost Spotted At Memorial Service!”

  1. Pop Intervention says :

    Okay, you’re funny as hell. I have to keep up with you. Thanks!

  2. jamesgreenejr says :

    Thank YOU, Pop Intervention, for the kind words!

  3. freedomwv says :

    Damn Cory looks just like MJ!

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