“Jeff Gordon Is A Robot Built By Yankees To Infiltrate Our Great Southern Sport Of NASCAR.”

Do you love hilarious and crazy quotes like that? Then you’re going to love JG2 INTERVIEWS MOJO NIXON, a brand new article from Crawdaddy! that’s jam-packed with gut-busting quotes from America’s number one psycho hillbilly. All the hits are here, including:

“Come on, isn’t 10 albums enough?”

“I don’t wanna know your real name and your feelings! Just gimme the shtick!”

“Elvis, like Hitler, is just constantly showing up all over the place.”

“Michael J. Fox wants to act like he’s a rock ‘n’ roller and, like, went back in time and invented rock ‘n’ roll, but he’s still just an evil yuppie twit.”

And who could forget such time-honored classics as:

“That’s heroin for you.”

“I like the Red Sox more than the Yankees, but that’s like sayin’ you like one turd sandwich over another ’cause it has less nuts.”

“I ain’t afraid o’ nothin’ but Hitler and snakes! I’m a crazy psycho hillbilly!”

JG2 INTERVIEWS MOJO NIXON makes a great gift for birthdays, holidays, or “just because!” Order your copy before time runs out. Most major credit cards accepted. You don’t want to miss this amazing offer! CALL TODAY!!!!!!

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