Chuck Biscuits: 1965-2009

[UPDATE #3: CHUCK BISCUITS ALIVE? An e-mail I just received at 6:34 PM EST:

“Dear James Greene,

This note is on behalf of Bob Montgomery, who ask me (his wife) to let you know that CHUCK IS ALIVE. Bob is on his way to see him now and will send you a follow up email in the near future. Thank you for taking the time to reply to Bob’s email this morning.


Tabitha Montgomery”

Case closed? Not until I figure out who the hell was e-mailing me for six months pretending to be Chuck and his wife. A “full disclosure” post regarding my side of this whole mess is coming shortly.]

[UPDATE #2: Further e-mails have been exchanged with Chuck’s brother Bob Montgomery; after I confirmed the name of Chuck’s wife via two independent sources, Bob wrote:

“Chuck and I have been somewhat estranged for a time, but this seems fishy. I am going to his home to get to the bottom of this, I will let you know one way or the other. If this is a hoax, I will pop Chuck in his beak. I am allowed. He is my little brother.”

The investigation continues. At this point, I don’t know whom to believe.]

[UPDATE: Rumors are beginning to swirl that this is some kind of elaborate hoax. If so, I can assure you I am NOT in on it. I have previously chronicled my contact with Chuck / person(s) claiming to be Chuck(?) and never had any reason to disbelieve their claims.

Since this post went viral, however, several people (including former Danzig bassist Eerie Von and Chuck’s brother Bob Montgomery) have openly questioned his death. All I can tell you is I’ve been communicating with two people since May I was always 99.999% sure were THE Chuck Biscuits and his wife from e-mail addresses bearing their names. They never asked me to wire money to a Nigerian prince or adopt their child, so I took it all at face value.

Chuck’s wife is allegedly the one who has been sending out mass e-mails about Chuck’s condition to family and friends; I didn’t use her name below because I didn’t know if she’d be comfortable with that and it didn’t seem like a good time to bring it up, considering her husband was dying. I’m still not going to use her name on the same grounds.

Although I can’t imagine why a former member of Danzig would want to fake his own death via the Internet, I know plenty of people who severely dislike me and would take any chance they could to play on my gullibility to make me look as stupid as possible (i.e. e-mail me for six months pretending to be a dying drummer I admire). If this is all a big fat lie, I’m sorry, but I promise I was duped just as hard as you.]

chuckLegendary hard rock drummer Chuck Biscuits, whose lengthy résumé included stints in such flagship underground acts as Black Flag and Social Distortion, died Saturday after a prolonged battle with throat cancer. He was 44.

“In response to the inquires, thank you for all the support,” an anonymous family member wrote in an e-mail sent this morning. “Chuck did not survive his battle with throat cancer. He passed surrounded by his family on 10/24/09.”

Chuck Biscuits was probably best known to the general populous for his work with Danzig. Beginning in 1988, Chuck played on that group’s first four albums, which are often hailed as Danzig’s best (thanks in no small part to Chuck’s powerful drumming style). The percussionist also appeared on 1993’s Thrall: Demonsweatlive EP; that release yielded an unexpected chart-burning hit for Danzig in “Mother,” a song the band originally included on their self-titled debut.

Yet Chuck Biscuits was not completely bound by the shackles of heavy metal / hard rock—the drummer kindly lent his talents to various tracks on Run-D.M.C.’s fourth album, 1988’s Tougher Than Leather. Leather boasted a handful of hits for the famed Hollis Crew, including “Mary, Mary” and “Beats To The Rhyme.”

Born Charles Montgomery on April 17, 1965, in British Columbia, Chuck Biscuits cut his teeth with Canadian hardcore outfit D.O.A. before relocating to California in 1982 and joining Black Flag. Biscuits left that group after five months of touring and began bouncing around from band to band, clocking time with classic punk acts such as the Circle Jerks, Fear, and the Weirdos. It wasn’t long before Chuck made a name for himself in the rock underground with his utterly ferocious yet completely accurate attack; he was rumored to be at the top of Nirvana’s drummer “wish list” in the days prior to Dave Grohl.

The last major group Chuck played with was Social Distortion, beginning in 1996. He appeared on only one of their releases, 1998’s Live At The Roxy, before promptly leaving the band a year later. It is unknown whether the drummer’s throat cancer played a part in that departure.

Outside of music, Chuck Biscuits was a known lover of art who spent some time in the late 1980s sculpting and attending college art classes. Biscuits also enjoyed vintage breakfast cereal collecting; one Danzig home video release tagged Chuck as a “Professor of Cerealogy, PhD.” in a segment wherein the drummer expounded upon his love of sugary morning delights (“It’s a very expensive habit…once you’ve had Boo Berry, there’s no turning back.”)

“Chuck was one of the best of the original wave of punk drummers,” Descendents drummer Bill Stevenson said in brief e-mail exchange with the author last year. “His style was easily recognizable, and he seemed to have just a ton of extra energy when playing drums. He is one of those people who did not have to practice a lot to play really well.”

“It came very natural to him,” Stevenson continued. “He was hugely influential without really being as ‘famous’ as drummers who were actually much less influential musically.”

It is unknown exactly who Chuck is survived by, but they will surely miss him, as will an entire generation of rock n’ roll fans.

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142 responses to “Chuck Biscuits: 1965-2009”

  1. Pat Doyle says :

    Well damn – we’ve all been wondering what Chuck was up to lately, sadly, now we know.

    In 1981 my punk band was doin our level best to become a cheap imitation of the Clash and Johnny Thunders’ Band. Then came “Let Them Eat Jellybeans,” and the world changed for us. Forever. The first time I heard “The Prisoner” by D.O.A. I knew I had discovered something brand new and unique in terms of drumming, the rapid-fire fast 2 and pulverizing style of Chuck Biscuits just blew me away. I had never heard someone approach the kit the way Chuck did. I immediately bought “Hardcore 81′” Not long after that my band was sharing bills with The(BC) Subhumans, Black Flag, DOA, 7 Seconds, Die Kruezen, and Articles of Faith, and the DKs to name but a few. Chuck was already gone when we played with DOA but I’m glad I got to see his short stint with Black Flag. The guy was a monstrous drummer – he used big 2B snaredrum stix, and tow chains to hold down his cymbals stands from all the abuse. A memorial in Modern Drummer is certainly in order.

  2. Matt says :

    I had the pleasure of meeting Chuck while he was playing with Social D. Good dude. I hate cancer…such an awful, awful killer of so many wonderfully good people.

  3. J-Sin Trioxin says :

    One of my Idols has passed away.
    In 1988 my best friend and I watched Guns N roses live at the Ritz on MTV, I pointed at the TV and said “I wanna be like those guys.” Sometime in 1991 I saw Metallica in New Jersey, when the lights hit and the crowd roared, I pointed and said “i wanna be in a band.” And later that year, i saw footage of Chuck Biscuits playing drums in a Danzig video, I pointed and said “I wanna play the drums!!.” I have been fortunate enough to shake hands with, work with, and even become friends with some of the very people who inspired me to become a professional musician in the first place. I unfortunately never got to meet Chuck Biscuits, I still don’t know what I’d say if i did, probably something stupid. Chuck was a drummer who had his own style without trying, I worked feverishly to try and play like him, and he did it with little to no effort, all the while looking as though he was playing the last concert of his life, every night. Although I never met him I feel like I’ve known him for years, I truly am broken up about this, and now, more than ever, I hope and wonder if there is a heaven so I can one day meet him.~ J.T.

  4. Ian Seabrook says :

    Chuck, the most influential drummer in punk without a doubt. My total respect. To see him play live was a spectacle to behold, the power and force with which he played was and is in my mind unmatched. I opted to play the same drums that Chuck used, Boom Theory, built by Al Adinolfi in Seattle. I searched these drums out, due in large part to Chuck Biscuits. So, in a small way, Chuck is still with me…

  5. Derek C says :

    A true loss indeed not only for the true punk scene but music overall. A little personal for myself as D.O.A. was the band who got me into punk when I was child.

    R.I.P. & thank you Chuck.

  6. Loqy Siregar says :

    R.I.P Chuck, from one of your many big fans in Indonesia.

  7. michael wildwood says :

    chuck inspired me to play the drums. after listening to “something better change” and “hardcore 81” he became my favorite drummer. i first saw chuck with the circle jerks,and met him before the show,i was about 15 and in awe. he was unbelievable !! i was not a danzig fan but went to see them just to see chuck play!
    later in life my band toured with social distortion when chuck was in the band. he was amazing as always and i watched him every night. i got to hang with him through the whole tour,which was great !! i sadly lost touch with him after the tour. he was an amazing powerful player,and exciting to watch. he went nuts every song and gave 500% every time . i loved chuck as a person,he was funny and cool,and i was so happy to have spent some time with him. he is a drum god,and i hope he’s hangin’ out with bonham,buddy,and the rest of them!! he will always be one of my rock n roll heroes…

  8. Geoff A. says :

    bummer. one of the best, and without a doubt coolest, heavy rock drummers ever. RIP chuck.

  9. Serge says :

    My sincere condolences… Chuck was and still is one of my favorite drummers. I came into punk rock only in the 90s and have never seen him playing live. But watching videos of bands like D.O.A., Circle Jerks, Social Distortion, Black Flag with Chuck on drums and listening to such records as “Hardcore 81” and “Bloodied but Unbowed” have given me so much inspiration. I’ve always have something to learn from his brilliant, creative style of drumming. He had a talent and a passion. And his influence hardly can be overestimated as he’s known even in our post-soviet Belarus. Having had left your trace in history, R.I.P., Chuck…

  10. Cynthia Santiglia says :

    wow-I never realized just how young he was.
    A true natural… what a talent he was!

  11. nazz nomad says :

    bummer- i saw him play drums for so many bands… doa, black flag, the circle jerks, danzig

    amazing the way our old punk rockers are dying from grown up shit these days instead of drugs like back in the good old daze…

  12. Anonymous says :

    He lives on through us! His music will be passed on by those who love great music! Never will he be lost nor unrecognized! A true fallen star! We will forever rock on to you, for you & with you! Much much love!!!!

  13. Merrill says :

    Memories of Chuck during his Black Flag days. He was incredibly funny and a total joker. We had some serious fun. Enjoy the ride, brother. It’s an amazing journey.

  14. Howlin' T says :

    Chuck was awesome. He didn’t need a big drum kit to get the job done.

  15. nick jones says :

    Where did you get this information from?You are the only person reporting this,and all Chucks friends around the world deserve to know your sources,and how you know this.Please respond immediately,this information is viral,and we need to make sure it is true…..

  16. gooby says :

    sorry to hear about the passing of one of the best drummers in punk rock ever.. check this out!

  17. Pat Doyle says :

    It’s hard to tell James – that pic from your May posting doesn’t really resemble an aged Chuck Biscuits. He had a pretty long face and jutting jaw. The guy in that picture looks younger and less-weathered than Chuck.

  18. nick jones says :

    How could you post this if you weren’t 100% sure this was true?

  19. John A says :

    Amazing drummer! “How the gods kill” intro….

  20. jamesgreenejr says :

    Nick Jones – when you communicate with someone/someone’s wife for six months, you generally tend to assume what they’re telling you is on the level, particularly when you’re not dealing in government secrets but, in fact, a retired rock drummer. I was 100% sure Chuck’s wife, or the person claiming to be Chuck’s wife, e-mailed me the other day and told me he died. In the sixth months leading up to this week, no one I talked to about Chuck Biscuits told me he had a history of death faking. Thus, I posted the above entry as fact.

    Pat Doyle – To be fair, that photo is pretty low quality, and if Chuck had cancer already for a while, it may have diminished his features. But I think the jury’s still out on this one, obviously.

  21. nick jones says :

    Did anyone you talked to about Chuck confirm that he had cancer?Did you think it was your job to share this news with the world?Did you speak via phone to either “Chuck” or his “wife”?Why would she email you about his death,when apparently no one else in the world,including his immediate family knew?I can’t beleive how irresponsibly you have acted,and the chaos you have created with this totally unsubstantiated rumour.I hope with all my heart that this is a hoax….

  22. h says :

    I once read a quote where someone called Chuck “The John Bonham of Punk Rock”.

    Deserving praise.


  23. Pat Doyle says :

    James – why was Chuck so reluctant to divulge what was going on in his life? Just because of the cancer? WTF? He’s a friggin’ legend who touched thousands of lives. Was he laying low to keep clear of his former drug-addicted buddies? I had heard that his knees went bad around the time he was auctioning all his gear off. So weird that he’d shun the public given his stature in the rock’n’roll community. Wonder of Joe Shithead will say something.

    I also miss Dave Gregg – what ever happened to him?

  24. charmicarmicat says :

    has anyone contacted joey shithead or henri rollins? i bet they would know.

  25. jamesgreenejr says :

    Pat – I assumed during my contacts with “Chuck” (God, I wish someone would just produce a death certificate or something already so I stop feeling like an asshole) that it was indeed the cancer that kept him so reclusive and secretive. Also, I think he burned a lot of bridges in his time, maybe? I remember e-mailing people about him a while back to get some quotes for a profile article and no one really replied (not even Joe Shithead).

  26. M says :

    Okay, now wait a second — first off, if it’s really Chuck’s brother you’re emailing with, why the eff would he have Chuck’s address and not telephone number? I mean, wouldn’t it make more sense just to call? Why would he just show up at his house?

  27. Pat Doyle says :

    “…no one really replied…”

    Heck – there’s a story right there! I know that Joey and others in the Vancouver circle pretty much wrote him off as a drug-scag, and I suspect he wore out his welcome ujust about everywhere because of that. That no one would care to comment to you suggests the classic effects of addiction on relationships – they all still loved the guy and didn’t want to dis him publicly. If he had done something really bad to them they would probably have no problem talking shit about him. Such a shame – I’ve lost 3 close friends to addiction, 2 of them were star-quality musicians like Chuck.

  28. Jock Hart says :

    I seen Chuck with D.O.A here in the UK in the early 80’s he was and still is an inspiration to me .
    I am sad that he has died at such a young age , sadly my own brother ( age 60 ) is dying from throat cancer too and has days to live , this is a sad time for me in many ways.
    R.I.P Chuck .

  29. jamesgreenejr says :

    If the accepted Biscuits story I have been told is to be believed, Chuck could not answer the telephone due to a tracheotomy he had sometime before May. So going to his house would be the easiest way to contact him, theoretically. Of course, if Chuck lives/lived with his wife, she should be able to answer the phone, unless SHE had a tracheotomy, too.

    E-mails are being sent around, people, trust me. We’ll figure this out.

  30. Michelle Cahill says :

    Sorry, I’m the M. from above. Okay, the whole phone thing just doesn’t make sense. How would his ‘brother’ know that he couldn’t answer the phone, when he was estranged from him? I mean, he wouldn’t have known about the tracheotomy, you know?

  31. William Knapp says :

    Maybe someone should contact the local newspaper in the town where he lived. See if there is any kind of obit. Right?
    I hope it’s a hoax.
    Question is, why?

  32. Doug says :

    I am horrified that this may be a hoax and/or predicated on unsubstantiated rumour. Also for people dragging chuck’s name down in the public eye for being a “drug scag” and such…if you don’t know the man personally, or are privy to these supposed bridges he has burned, shut the fuck up.

    I am 110% in support of Nick Jones – whom I know has a long history with Chuck – and with his brother Bob.

    Interesting how people like myself, Merrill Ward and Nick Jones…those who actually knew Chuck, have no mean-spirited innuendo to drudge up.

    If Chuck has indeed passed, it is a tremendous loss. If it is so – let his family and friends remember him in a good light. If this is a hoax, be damned you for being a greedy little vulture who perpetuates hatred and innuendo…

  33. William Knapp says :

    What Doug said is right on. I was not close friends with Chuck, but I met him on several occasions and found him to be a really nice, down to earth person. I really home this is all a weird twisted hoax and he is still around.

  34. jamesgreenejr says :

    Hey Michelle – Well, you know, clearly there are a lot of fuckin’ holes in this scenario, yet we have to consider the fact we’re talking about an individual who, after a couple decades of playing drums in high profile bands, managed to completely vanish. In this day and age with the Internet and all, slipping into obscurity is something you have to WORK at.

    How quickly do we learn everything we need to know about any private citizen who pops up in the news? Now compare that to Chuck Biscuits, who no one can seem to positively account for after 1999. I (allegedly) conversed with the guy, and he wouldn’t even tell me what STATE he was living in. So the guy wants his privacy. It happens. No one discovered Layne Staley for a week after he died. If his family members didn’t go down to his house, they wouldn’t have known.

    All I’m saying is Chuck Biscuits isn’t Balloon Boy. He’s got his secrets. He’s protected himself. If his own brother isn’t sure if he’s dead or not (again, assuming that actually is his brother), then it’s understandable if no one’s really sure or if someone gets the story wrong (even me, who was in direct contact with him and was never trying to do anything other than honor him).

  35. jamesgreenejr says :

    Doug – as I said, if this is a hoax, I had absolutely nothing to do with it. I was just trying to pass information along without betraying any personal trust. Right now, I am 110% in support of whomever can prove to me what’s true and what isn’t.

  36. Scott Beadle says :

    Pat quote: “I know that Joey and others in the Vancouver circle pretty much wrote him off as a drug-scag.”
    Whoa whoa whoa, where did the drug talk come up from? Let’s not jump to conclusions people, PLEASE! Former punk rockers and musicians have dozens of reasons for retiring from the public eye, and that doesn’t mean they’ve adopted a drug-addled lifestyle! Often, it’s to escape from the drug scene! So let’s not get off-base here! I’ve heard plenty about Vancouver punk musicians & their relationship to drug use, but I’ve NEVER heard Chuck’s name in that discussion, EVER.

  37. Pat Doyle says :

    OK I apologize for the “drug scag” comment, it wasn’t intended to be mean-spirited but it was inappropriate to poiont out at this time. There were so many addicts running around the hardcore punk scene in the 80s that it wasn’t necessarily considered an insult to be recognized as one.

  38. Doug says :


    Some if us are actually communicating and checking facts via realistic sources…family, newspapers, press contacts, friends around the globe…you know real faces we actually know

  39. Doug says :

    Thanks for clarifying that Scott…and, for being another person who actually knows Chuck.

  40. Scott says :

    So wait, the entire internet is reporting this based on communication via email from someone who may not be Biscuits’ wife.

    Way to make the new media look bad.

    As was said before, this story should have been confirmed before being published.

  41. Kyle Antivenin says :

    Maybe the confusion lies in the fact that around Vancouver, rumoured disdain was spoken about Chuck’s older brother Ken “Dimwit” Montgomery, and while (according to Joey Shithead) Dimwit wasn’t a total street-rat junkie, he had a bad dalliance with H, and OD’d in 1994. Maybe people are confusing stories about Dim with stories about Chuck?

    Anyway, all very confusing and I hope this is a bad hoax. Chuck Biscuits was a big influence when i was learning to play drums in the late 80s at age 12.

  42. Kyle Antivenin says :

    This just in?

    If link don’t work:

    Today at 2:25pm
    Okay, guys. I take this as a solid refutation of the Chuck Biscuits death rumors. Otis Link was business partners with Chuck Biscuits back in the ’80s, in a concern called Otis ‘n’ Biscuits. Here’s what Otis just posted on his Facebook page:

    ” Otis Link Heard from CHUCK BISCUITS today at 1:51 he says “This is fucking retarded” no you cant have his email.”

    This after Otis’ more detailed earlier post:

    ” Otis Link CHUCK BISCUITS!!!! Not True to me until the dead guy sings!
    I cant keep up with the calls and the emails, here is what I know.
    Chuck sent me an email last night at 11:55 DEAD MEN DONT EMAIL!
    I talked with Bob, chucks brother today, Chucks family has not been notified of a death. Normally they are told if their brother or son is sick or dead.
    A rumor started in august about cancer, Chuck was fine then too.”

    News reporters at wire services, please note: THE INTERNET IS NOT A RELIABLE SOURCE! As put it in one of their updates, “Rumors are beginning to swirl that this story is some kind of elaborate hoax involving a Facebook page and several months’ worth of correspondence from someone claiming to be Chuck.”

    *shakes head* Thank Jah that Chuck still lives. And thanks, Otis, for clearing it up.

  43. michael wildwood says :

    well i fuckin’ hope you’re still alive chuck !! if so i hope to see you before you die AGAIN… i really hope this is all bullshit and that you’re ok !

    your pal,

    michael wildwood

  44. Doug says :

    hey Dumbass!

    From Otis Link’s page:

    CHUCK BISCUITS still aint dead! just smells funny.
    How awesome is it that the media does not care about confirming anything any more. No one ever contacted chuck or his family to see if he was dead. His brother just talked with him at work today.

  45. Barry Durrans says :

    I hope to God that this is a hoax and Chuck is alive and well. And if he is, I hope Chuck kicks the living shit outta the sick fucks who started this rumour

  46. S says :

    oh for crying out loud, Chuck is NOT dead. Otis is a friend of mine. This is a NASTY nasty hoax.

  47. nick jones says :

    Hey James,

    Instead of writing about how you are going to get to the bottom of this,how about saying “I’m sorry for causing all of Chucks friends and family an enormous amount of grief by posting a story based on e-mails from people whos identities and declarations I never even verified”?You are not the victim here, asshole.Own up to the fact that you thought you were playing journalist,and you had a scoop,but were too lazy to check the facts.The worst thing about the internet is that vermin like you are allowed to post innuendo as fact.Thanks for ruining several hundred peoples day…

  48. Doug says :

    Hear Hear Nick…my sentiments exactly.

    And, you know that Chuck’s sister-in-law, who owes you fuck all, still sends you a very nice email in light of the fact that her husband is rushing hundreds of miles away to verify your bullshit story, while she is knotted up inside and worried sick about someone she cars about…

    Who are the victims?

    maybe you should take the time to personally apologize to each and every one of us who spent our day worried sick about a friend and about our friend’s FAMILY members who we all care about.

    Think of how this kind of shit would have felt had it been YOU running around trying to see if YOUR family member was alive or not.


  49. Matt says :

    “(God, I wish someone would just produce a death certificate or something already so I stop feeling like an asshole)”

    ah so sad for you, he could have at least had the decency to DIE so your blog post would be vindicated.

  50. Rev. Hank says :

    I hope you or anyone else aren’t too hard on you for starting this whole mess. It’s actually pretty funny, and what a relief to know that he is not dead, maybe Chuck can turn this into a speaking gig where he can tour collages, or at least appear on next season’s Dancing With The Stars.

    There is no way to count the thousands on notices about him that have been posted this afternoon saying really great things. If only we all could have folks spend a whole day saying nice things about each of us.

    He has died, but lives again, not too shabby a deal. Who knows what awaits each of when we wake up in the morning.

  51. Jareth says :

    Far be it from me to defend the man, I believe he does owe apologies to several individual as he didn’t have the journalistic integrity to check hard facts rather than (hypothetically)just accept things as they appeared. However, I must disagree with some of the posters here.

    e.g. “The worst thing about the internet is that vermin like you are allowed to post innuendo as fact.”

    You know, I understand you’re upset but PERSONALLY I feel the worst thing about the internet is the fact that it seems to remove a filter people normally have when speaking or is normally pointed out by someone in an editorial position. As for “innuendo as fact…” I hate to say it, but get over it. Tabloids and entertainment magazines have done it for years, they’re going to continue to do so. Is it right? Certainly not. As this whole fiasco has once again proven: it causes undue hardship on many people for the benefit and amusement of few.

    My sincerest sympathies for Chuck, his family and his friends. They never should have had to deal with this.

  52. jamesgreenejr says :

    How do you “check hard facts” or “verify” anything about a guy who went off grid ten years ago and the people who allegedly knew him best won’t return your e-mails? I tried, you guys, I really fuckin’ tried. I spent a good chunk of ’08 searching for Chuck and info on Chuck. All I got was Bill Goddamn Stevenson. No one was talking.

    I wrote a thing about Biscuits anyway and then, out the blue, some fucker calling himself by that name who looks like the guy on the record sleeves starts corresponding with me. What the fuck am I supposed to do? Call shenanigans? Whatever happened to trust? Who would lie about being Chuck Biscuits? Especially to a piece of “vermin” like me on the lowest rung of the totem pole?

    Has anyone ever lied to you for six months about being a terminally ill hero of your musical youth? It’s fucking weird. You think I wasn’t devastated when I read the e-mail the other day that announced his “death?” That’s why I wrote this blog in the first place. I wanted to give CB the obit I knew he deserved. I knew there’d be source questions, but what was I supposed to do, e-mail his “wife” back and be like, “Hey, can you send me pics of the body?” I had no suspicions. I thought I had this shit on lock down. Who would lie to a NOBODY blogger about this kind of thing for so long?

    It’s easy to attack me in hindsight, but again – this had been going on since May. Who the fuck lies about being a dying Chuck Biscuits for half a year? Are my friends/enemies smart enough to hack enough related e-mail accounts to perpetrate something like this? I just want to know how it happened.

    I’d also like some more conclusive proof that Chuck isn’t dead aside from e-mails from people whose existence I can’t further verify.

  53. Jareth says :

    Hey, I wasn’t vilifying or supporting you there.

    I was just stating that perhaps you could have checked or inquired with the authorities in the area for the existence of a death certificate before reporting he had died.

  54. jamesgreenejr says :

    I wasn’t attacking you, either, Jareth – just trying to generally defend myself. Had I known what area I was supposed to look in, I maybe would have checked the death certificate thing – although those suckers aren’t always filed immediately. But as it was, I really had no idea where “Chuck” was living.

  55. Barry Durrans says :

    jamesgreenejr, unfortunately you were taken in by this liar, and to be honest, they must’ve been convincing for you to correspond over the last few months. Just a shame this sick bastard had to make this shit up, and for all of us to fall for it.

    Actually, it’s fuckin disgraceful to say someone is dying of cancer, and pretending to be them. As you say, short of being there with Chuck, how are you meant to get solid proof he was allegedly dead?

    I think people are pointing the finger at the wrong person here. Aim it towards the sick cunt who’s pretending to be a dying Chuck all this time.

  56. Matt Brown says :

    On a lighter note, could somebody please enlighten me about Chuck’s supposed involvement with Run-DMC’s Tougher Than Leather LP? I stumbled across this blog trying to factcheck a repeated performance credit in numerous obituaries that I feel is false, and I’m wondering what the source might have been… an interview? A rumor? One of the credited drummers’ names (Davy D and Bobby “Afro” Walker) being a known alias for Charles Montgomery?

    It’s funny to me that trying to follow up on what many would consider to be a minor detail (it’s not to me – Black Flag and Run-DMC defined my early musical taste, and I’d LOVE for there to actually be a connection) led to my discovery that the entire story is possibly bullshit.

    Best of luck with all this craziness, James, and a long and happy life to Chuck Biscuits.

  57. houndstoothbruce says :

    Nice job, knucklehead.

  58. Obs says :

    “I’d also like some more conclusive proof that Chuck isn’t dead aside from e-mails from people whose existence I can’t further verify.”

    But e-mails from people whose existence you can’t verify is enough to convince you that someone you don’t know is dead? Lovely. You’ve already dug yourself into today’s biggest hole on the entire Internet, and you just cannot stop digging.

  59. Dave McG says :

    Chuck needs to go on Jimmy Kimmell or Letterman and clear this up.

  60. Nick says :

    Some of you people are being morons. First off you tell the person who runs this website they are an idiot for trusting someone they really don’t know to be a person they believe they really are. And than you go on to say they are an idiot for wanting more proof to trust someone who says they are a family member. You people are contradicting yourselves. If you think he should have doubted the first person he was emailing with and not blurted out the death of someone based on that, than you should backup his wanting to confirm for sure that the person telling him Chuck isn’t dead is a real person. You people are idiots.

  61. someone says :

    I’m still not convinced he is alive

  62. Biscuits fan says :

    I first learned of Chuck through Danzig and have always held out hope for a reunion of the classic lineup. Needless to say, I was devastated when I read the “news” this morning. Now, I am happy to hear that his death was merely a hoax. However, I honestly don’t believe it’s right to reign down on Mr. Green for his submissions. Honest mistake.

  63. someone says :

    Why are some people convinced it was a hoax now? How are the sources refuting it any more credible and real than the sources that started the story in the first place?

  64. nick jones says :

    The Nick who just posted is not me.I’ve known Chuck and his family for 30 years,played in a band with his late brother.When I wake up in the morning to an inbox full of messages telling me that Chuck is dead,then I google his name and find a link to NPR confirming this,what am I supposed to do?Although James has obviously been duped,he never,ever,should have posted the blog.Its not his place to do so,and its obviously come back to bite his ass.As for the internet removing filters,if I had been face to face with James,I would have told him the exact same thing.I know he feels terrible,but the genie don’t go back in the bottle.As for him digging himself a bit deeper with his comment, “I’d also like some more conclusive proof that Chuck isn’t dead aside from e-mails from people whose existence I can’t further verify.”I’ll verify it.James,you have my email,fire away.I’ll even give you my number if you do,and tell you on the phone..This needs to end now.Chuck is alive,someone has done something awful,but its over now.Lets just be thankfull that Chuck lives to drum another day…

  65. Sam says :

    I’m a Danzig/Samhain from way back, and was of course interested and saddened by the news of Biscuits’ “death.” However, what really saddens me at this point is the race-to-the-bottom nature of media reporting in the internet age.

    For the record, I believe James was duped, severely (hell, does Chuck even have cancer?), and while he could have done more due diligence, it wasn’t his ethical obligation to do so, as he is a BLOGGER, not a journalist. There is a difference, people!

    The real shame in all this is that major, “reputable” news outlets picked this up and ran with it without doing THEIR due diligence, which in the case of an organization like NPR (where I learned of the news, officially), is not only an ethical obligation, but a legal one.

    Now, I fully understand why people close to Biscuits are incensed at Greene. However, there are a bajillion bloggers saying a bajillion unverified things out there every day that DON’T get reported as news. Which is fine, as blogging is editorial commentary, NOT the reporting of fact. So to shower vitriol on Greene, especially in light of the fact that his intentions appear to have been the best, and that he does seem have been legitimately tricked, is misplaced.

    Shoot your poison arrows at the major news outlets who ran with this as though it was fact. There used to be a rule that reporters needed 2 verified, independent sources before they could publish a fact in a story. In this case, we have 1 unverified blogger.

    This story would have been a completely ignored rumor had the journalistic world done its due diligence. Unfortunately, things have degenerated to the point that a) lots of people see blogging as an acceptable substitute for real journalism, and b) as such, the major news outlets feel compelled to try to scoop even bloggers, which means they’ve adopted a new world standard of “publish now, retract later if need be.” Which is the real bullshit here.

    Anyway. I’m glad Chuck’s alive, and am as such gonna pour a big bowl of Boo Berry and go back to listening to “Danzig II: Lucifuge” at eviction-tempting volume. Hell, given the man’s musical pedigree, going forward as a zombie drummer might be the best thing for him.

  66. Robyn says :

    @ Matt Brown
    Biscuits never played on Run-DMC’s Tougher Than Leather LP. There is no credible information available to back it up. The fact this hoax took off is sad. That credible ‘zines did not fact check or wait to confirm the information is a telling state of journalism today. That anyone could be so bored to have to concoct the death of a drummer who has been irrelevant for years needs to soul search.

  67. RANDY RAMPAGE says :


  68. Anonymous says :

    “he was rumored to be at the top of Nirvana’s drummer “wish list” in the days prior to Dave Grohl.”

    That’s horseshit. Baseless as is the rest.

  69. Sam says :

    I dunno, Grohl and Biscuits do have the “hits hard as fuck thing” in common. That, and they were both hooked up with songwriter bandleaders who are now dead, the first literally and the second figuratively…

  70. Robyn says :

    “he was rumored to be at the top of Nirvana’s drummer “wish list” in the days prior to Dave Grohl.

    That’s baseless and utter horseshit.

  71. spike mcnasty says :

    jesus, im not even chuck and people can figure out if im fuckin dead or not… if u are not his immediate friends and family… kill yourself and ask your gods to give him back because your lives are NOT WORTH IT…

  72. Robyn says :

    83-85 Biscuits was fucking/floating around band to band with Circle Jerks, , Floor Lords, Fear and The Weirdos. He was young and an asshole who drank and got wasted and liked partying but could drum. His drumming was not stellar but enough to keep him employed at the time. It was steady and he was a quick study. He was kicked out of Black Flag even though they couldn’t record new material. They still toured relentlessly without his sorry ass. Danzig threw him out as well. He is notorious for being kicked out of great bands as much as being in them.

  73. Sam says :

    Damn, that’s a bitter assessment. Kicked out or not, his drumming on the Danzig records was indeed stellar. What kind of person he is/was is irrelevant to me as a listener.

    And for the record, I’ve seen some of the Circle Jerks footage, and it seems like he was pretty damn awesome even then. Especially for punk.

  74. Chombirdie says :


  75. grunyon says :

    In defense of Mr. Greene, more elaborate hoaxes have happened — take JT Leroy for example, a years long ruse that involved and enveloped many many people. I sadly have known one person who faked an illness and death of an “anonymous street boy” to a crisis hotline and another who faked her own cancer, going to the point of shaving her head and taking time off from school. Such types of “pranks” are more likely coming from someone who has an illness, but they are nevertheless inexcuseable actions. Whoever did this caused a lot of people anguish, and I especially feel for Mr. Greene. Too bad the real journalists didn’t check the facts.

  76. Anonymous says :

    Yes I am being critical. But remember there is no tonality in this dimension, lol. It’s funny you mention enjoying him as a listener and not paying interest in personality. It’s impossible to not incorporate ones personality into playing. It’s part of the expression. But I understand what you are saying. Yes both Danzig and Rubin pulled good work out of Biscuits but left to his own devices he would have floundered. He showed no discipline or dexterity as a creative drummer. Simply a a man who could take direction and hit hard. I think that’s fair.

  77. Robyn says :

    Yes I am being critical. But remember there is no tonality in this dimension, lol. It’s funny you mention enjoying him as a listener and not paying interest in personality. It’s impossible to not incorporate ones personality into playing. It’s part of the expression. But I understand what you are saying. Yes both Danzig and Rubin pulled good work out of Biscuits but left to his own devices he would have floundered. He showed no discipline or dexterity as a creative drummer. Simply a a man who could take direction and hit hard. I think that’s fair.

  78. Anonymous says :

    my prayers got out to the people that need the most

  79. Tony says :

    A true inspiration to all of us in Glanzig, thanks for great drumming over the years, you will be truly missed. The next show will be dedicated to you brother.
    R.I.P Chuck.

    Evil Thing.
    Tony Glanzig/Glanzig

  80. ThatGuy says :

    I’m sad to report that I have it on good authority that James Greene, Jr. has died.

  81. LeoSands says :


    You really should have done better fact checking, but you did the best you could and you apologized so we’ll let that go.

    However, if you really wanna show us your journalism skills, why don’t you do some digging to find out who started this and why.

    I for one would be interested to read about that in your blog.

    Glad Chuck is still with us.

  82. Balloon Boy says :

    But you said we did this for the show JG2?

  83. michael wildwood says :

    this is one of the many reasons i hate the interweb !!!!

  84. steve humann says :

    Hahaha Robyn, you say he was fucking/floating his way through four bands and they’re all male bands you mention. The lady doth protest too much, methinks. So Chuck probably fucked you and got your hopes up that you could be his before things didn’t work out. So now all these years later you still have to put him down for being a less-than-ambitious punk rocker fer crissakes? On his faked almost-obituary message board? Wow, I’ve seen your kind before. You remind me of the chicks that didn’t have their own bands but would latch on to some guys’ band and start referring to it as the royal “we.” I suspect you aren’t worth the coal it took to generate the electricity I used to read your words here. See you at the next no-class reunion, “You look so good, omigod, she hasn’t changed at all has she.”

  85. Sam says :

    Robyn, take it for what you will, but I’ve been a performing musician and songwriter for almost 2 decades, and I know good, inspired drumming when I see it. The creativity Chuck brought to Danzig in particular can’t be faked or spoonfed.

    And while we’re on the subject of musicians who did amazing things behind kit but were pretty much shitheads as people otherwise…John Bonham, anyone? Keith Moon? It is entirely possible to keep personality out of your playing, as they are 2 different and often separate parts of a musician.

    My band opened for Joey Belladonna, former lead singer of Anthrax, awhile back, and I’m an Anthrax fan from way back. When I got to meet Joey towards the end of the night, he was a dick to me. I never would’ve have guessed he was that kind of person from his music, though. So yeah, the person and the art are different things, as much as our TMZ culture would like to have us believe otherwise.

  86. your mother says :

    fuck you this blogue is crap he is not dead

  87. Peter de Havilland says :

    I am glad to hear Chuck is okay.
    This is Peter de havilland formally known as Helliwell. Was part of the Vancouver scene as a kid before heading back to London. Am looking to hook up with my old friends from that time when I travel to Canada next year.
    Looking for Chuck, Randy, Marty Higgs from the Payolas, any of my old friends in The Young Canadians, The Populeros, The Pointed Sticks, U-Jerk. Tim Ray and A/V/
    Any one who can assist me; manty thanks
    Please send Chuck my best. He can each me here:

  88. Abuka Fisches says :

    Fry dat chicken!

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  93. James says :

    So is he dead or is he alive?

  94. Ronnie L. Dill Jr says :

    It’s shit like this why Chuck remains to stay out of the public eye. I sure the hell hope it’s not true’ And even if it is’ People need to shut the fuck up about one of the greatest drummer’s of this age. Chuck rules.

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  108. Chris Corkum says :

    Chuck is definitely alive.

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