Try Walking Into A Deli And Urinating On The Cheese

The Vandals, pre-Warped Tour.

Peep my most recent Crawdaddy! piece—a reflection on the first Vandals EP, Peace Thru Vandalism, which features the incredible “Anarchy Burger (Hold The Government).” Snippet:

‘Anarchy Burger’ did not disappoint when it finally assaulted my ears. The raucous two-minute explosion is Peace Thru Vandalism’s true diamond, a wild tribal punk pounding that boasts deliciously inept riffing and comically offensive lyrics delivered in a balls-to-the-wall caterwaul by stocky singer Steve Jensen (the original Stevo). Was SoCal punk ever more cringe-inducing than the opening lines of this song?

‘Anarchy, kill a cat! / Shoot James Brady in the back! / Raise an army of rabid rats! / Beat your neighbor with a bat!’

That still stings, and I was only two years old when Reagan was shot.”

Read the whole thing here.

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