Crazy-Ass Dream: Bridge Talk

This dream began with me interviewing Kristen Stewart for some magazine in an empty parking lot at about three in the morning. She was being her usual awkward self. When we were done, I walked K-Stew to some building where this wild celebrity party was taking place (I spotted big wigs like Travolta and Nicholson through the window). Before she went in, I attempted to give her some career advice. I can’t remember if I told her not to make stupid movies like Travolta’s Staying Alive or if I told her to follow her heart and make any kind of movie she wanted, but I do remember her not really seeming to give a crap what I was saying.

Kristen went into the party and I walked back to the parking lot. There, my father picked me up in his car and started driving me home. We got caught in some pretty heinous traffic under a really old bridge. Attempting to make conversation, I asked the approximate age of the bridge.

“They say this bridge was built by orientals,” my dad replied.


“This bridge, it was built by orientals, supposedly.”

“How the fuck is that supposed to tell me how old it is?”

My father shrugged and said nothing else. About a minute later, I woke up.

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