Is Gonzo A Hipster?

I don’t think so, but he sure dresses like one. Let’s look at the photographic evidence:

Here’s the Gonz in his standard purple tuxedo with matching bow tie. Very hipster. He’d be all set for that big loft party downtown if he weren’t so bummed about missing the Pavement reunion show.

This is absolutely a get-up you’d see some dude with a handlebar mustache and old-timey bicycle wearing down on Bedford Ave, swilling a can of PBR as he tries not to draw attention to the flakes of coke caked around his nostrils. Please, Gonzo, tell me about your last trip to Peru.

Don’t lie—you’ve seen people in Brooklyn roaming the streets like this on days that weren’t Halloween. Unfortunately, the Har Mar Superstar look only works if you have the trust fund to back it up.

Is that a fucking leopard skin tie? Gonzo just made the Vivian Girls blush. Admittedly, this is more of a wacky old man outfit, but the lines tend to get kind of blurry sometimes. The only real difference between your Grandfather’s wardrobe and Sliimy’s is the price tag.

Here we find Gonzo getting in touch with his inner Lawrence Jacoby. Notice how Pepe, the other resident Muppet hipster (rockin’ a hoodie, no less), can’t even look at Gonzo. He’s just overcome with disgust. The tension between the two of them is clearly making Kermit uncomfortable. Kermit, by the way, is pretty savvy when it comes to fashion—he doesn’t wear any clothes, so he can’t be accused of being anything.

Ah, now this is more acceptable. Now Gonzo just looks like your average upper middle class blue kid trying to carve out a living for himself in graphic design. Don’t worry, pal, I hear the bar scene in San Fran is great.

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4 responses to “Is Gonzo A Hipster?”

  1. Bom dia !!! estava eu vendo suas fotos...Menina vc fica mó bonita Morena adorei .Não que n esteja de loira mas muda muito fica bem tbm. says :

    AAH ameei

  2. Pat says :

    Oh, I thought this was to be about Chilly Gonzales (Jason Beck) . . .but that’s too obvious, not as interesting.

  3. Anonymous says :

    Gonzo’s not a hipster, he’s a…whatever.

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