But What Of The OTHER Run-D.M.C. Christmas Song?

I speak of course of “Christmas Is,” released on the second Very Special Christmas compilation in 1992. Just as good as 1987’s now legendary “Christmas In Hollis,” I think:

I only take issue with one line—“Don’t be like the Grinch, because the Grinch is greedy.”

The Grinch is greedy until the very end of his television special, when his heart grows a jillion times bigger from hearing all those people singing and he decides to stop being an asshole like Metallica. That show aired in like 1965; thus, you could say that the Grinch has not in fact been greedy since then (unless you count that bullshit he pulled on Halloween in 1977, but I think we could count that as simple mischief and not greed).

Run-D.M.C. should have noted the Grinch’s redemption at the end of his Christmas show. I dock them serious points until they rerecord “Christmas Is” with the following substitution:

“You can be like the Grinch, ’cause he ain’t greedy / slicin’ up the beast for the Whos that is needy!”

Note to Run-D.M.C.’s accountant: I will not accept a personal check. Cash or money order only. K THNX BAI.

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