Fake Shemp Chewbacca Ruins Wikipedia Page

For reasons I can’t clearly recall, the other day I dialed up the Wikipedia page for Chewbacca. Take a look at the photograph they had up for everyone’s favorite Wookiee:

In case you don’t have your glasses on, that’s a photo of a Disney employee dressed as Chewbacca dancing with another Disney employee dressed as a Jawa. They have a photo of a Chewbacca impersonator on Chewbacca’s page, dancing with a Jawa impersonator. WTF? As of 1:02 AM EST today, it’s still up:

Why, Wikipedia, why? There are SO MANY images of the real Chewbacca to choose from. How could you sully the good beast’s image with such ridiculousness?

I’m not smart enough to go in and edit the entry myself, otherwise I would. If you’re as incensed about this as I am AND you possess the sorcery to change Wikipedia entries, please swipe one of the following images and pull the ol’ switcheroo:


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3 responses to “Fake Shemp Chewbacca Ruins Wikipedia Page”

  1. Buzzardbilly says :

    Those Wiki bastids will allow anything, won’t they?

  2. Anonymous says :

    pff je ne susi pas shoubaka

  3. K.Unger says :

    People take pics, that are their property, and put them up instead of the better copyrighted pics that some companies make them take down.

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