Unsolicited Thoughts On The New Smashing Pumpkins Ditty

“Song For A Son” by Smashing Pumpkins (a.k.a. Billy Corgan plus Teenage Percussion Lottery Winner)

Billy’s copping vocal moves from Jack White now, yet his guitar sound has regressed even further into overcooked 1970s cock rockery. Never before has Zeppelin theft sounded so daringly lazy. The new drummer appears competent. At sixteen, he’s probably just stoked to be anywhere.

I respect Corgan’s unique career decisions, but it seems like his talent dried up years ago. Maybe if he actually had a son, BC would realize there’s more to life than the musical ego stroke that is post-Y2K Smashing Pumpkins.

Where have you gone, Jimmy Chamberlain? Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you (woo woo woo).

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