Top Ten Things JG2 Did Not Care About In 2009

1. Jon Gosselin’s sunburned and fame-heavy jowls

2. Mafia Wars

3. The increased popularity of Twitter amongst people over forty

4. The increased popularity of vampires amongst people under twenty

5. The debate over any politician’s secret agenda bent on undermining American values

6. A-Rod

7. Anything said or did

8. Anything related to “The Hipster Grifter” (save nude pix)

9. Facebook selling my personal info to Google in exchange for virgin blood

10. Levi Johnson’s big stupid Alaskan dick propping up a magazine everyone thought folded in 1995

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One response to “Top Ten Things JG2 Did Not Care About In 2009”

  1. Michael Poley says :

    That twitter shit about older people is real!

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