Famous Directors Read My Blog

“Thanks for the dead on review. [Captain America] is a clunky film and if you go to my Facebook page you can read a few interviews I’ve done on the making of the film. It’s not pretty…someday I hope to get my director’s cut out there. Anyway, thanks for the review. Enjoyed it!”

– Albert Pyun, director of Captain America, on my review of said film

So far, I have uncovered no evidence to suggest this message came from Chuck Biscuits.

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One response to “Famous Directors Read My Blog”

  1. Albert Pyun says :

    Hi James,

    You probably wish it was Chuck Biscuits wrote left the comments but it was me, infamous Albert Pyun. I really enjoyed your review. Keep up the good work and thanks for finding a bright spots in the my swill.

    Albert Pyun Movies / Facebook
    http://www.albertpyunmovies.com (under construct)

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