Crazy-Ass Dream: Vegetable Plate

I was having dinner with my friend Joe. He was obviously livid at me for something I had done, and took his aggression out by dumping all the vegetables in my serving dish onto his plate. A stray piece of broccoli fell out of the dish last and bounced off Joe’s massive mound of greens. He quietly but firmly scooped it up and mashed it into the pile.

“Uh, you think I could get some vegetables?” I asked.


The response was dry and curt. Seconds later, Robocop burst through the front door. He opened fire on us before we had time to react. I knocked the table over in an attempt to create some kind of shield. We lived, and later found out Robocop was looking for a 7-11 employee uniform so he could go undercover somewhere to stop a robbery. Like putting a 7-11 smock over a guy who’s made entirely of stainless steel is going to protect his identity.

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