“Match Game” Observations

I’ve been watching a lot of “Match Game” on Game Show Network lately. Here are a few very serious and scientific things I have observed.

1. Gene Rayburn, the host of the show, can barely keep it in his pants. He flirts with everything on two legs (including Bob Barker). Wikipedia says Gene was living in Cape Cod during this juncture in his life and would fly out to L.A. every two weeks to tape a weekend of “Match Game” episodes. So, in a sense, Rayburn was like some kind of wild beast they kept sequestered from humanity, bringing him out at designated times to go hog wild with that elongated 1970s microphone. Or maybe Gene Rayburn was just a horny son of a bitch. Who knows? At any rate, I hate this knowledge because it’s made me envision that weaselly bastard masturbating on planes.

2. Richard Dawson seems remarkably drunker on “Match Game” than on his version of “Family Feud.” This makes me wonder which position was really more work—asking ugly people from the Midwest generic questions on “Feud” or trying to answer generic questions along with ugly people from the Midwest on “Match Game.” They seem equal to me. More is at stake on “Match,” but the celebs do get to sit down. Rayburn is the poor idiot who had to keep walking back and forth three feet for thirty minutes at a time.

3. “Match Game” is one of those rare pieces of entertainment where a flamboyantly/unapologetically gay man—Charles Neslon Reilly—can just cut loose and queen it up without offending people or causing any kind of uproar. That’s always pretty great to see, but it makes me wonder just who the hell was watching “Match Game” when it originally aired. Conventional wisdom suggests our society was less accepting of “alternative lifestyles” back in the 1970s. Were conservatives not up in arms over Chuckie R’s mincing ways? On the other hand, Liberace. Legions of housewives followed that guy for years without realizing (refusing to accept?) there’d never be a Mrs. Libby. Was this self-delusion? Did TV viewers of 1970s America trick themselves into believing CNR was just one of those fancy New York boys who liked scarves? I guess when you put Reilly next to guys like Nispey Russell and Richard Dawson, he really doesn’t seem that gay.

Meanwhile, Fannie Flagg was a lesbian that whole time. Do you think she ever got pissed off that Charles wore his sexuality like a fucking top hat and gloves? I mean, not to undercut the greatness of CNR, but he didn’t really do anything with his life outside of being bitchy on game shows. That’s what he’s remembered for: being the gay guy on “Match Game.” Fannie Flagg was sitting on Fried Green Tomatoes all those years. I wonder how she feels about that. I wonder how the homosexual community feels about that. There’s a juxtaposition there I’m a little afraid to get into because I don’t want to offend anyone. For the record, I think Charles Nelson Reilly was an unspeakable legend and Fannie seems just amazing, and they’re definitely both on my short list of celebs from any time period I’d kill to hang out with.

4. On every episode of “Match Game” I’ve seen, Gary Burghoff is like the biggest asshole ever. He’s just ragging on everybody in a not-very-joking manner like a miserable little dwarf. What’s up, Radar? Angry you’re always under Harry Morgan’s thumb?

5. Preliminary research has proven that Brett Somers is remarkably hotter on “Match Game ’73” than she is on “Match Game ’74.” That separation from Jack Klugman really took its toll.

6. How come they kept updating the year like that? Did they think people would think they were just showing reruns for five years or whatever? That’s really weird. Imagine if they did that with other shows. “ALF ’90.” “Lost ’08.” Weird, right?

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53 responses to ““Match Game” Observations”

  1. Never in a million years says :

    You already offended. hasgtag HaterswillHate.

  2. joe pad says :

    Not a very astute observation. Mean spirited really.

  3. Every Mann says :

    Working the night shift where Match Game keeps me awake in the wee hours, and googling the relationship between Brett & Fannie (on a Fannie-less episode, Brett just said, “Come back home Fannie darin’…all is forgiven and we love ya”) brings me to this page. The actual game is really stupid–moreso than I remembered it being as a little kid–but the show itself is curiously addicting.

    Spot on with many of your observations. Rayburn is embarrassingly creepy; what was this guy’s deal? He’s particularly enamored with Jo Ann Pflug and he gropes her on every episode.

    Yeah, Radar is completely not funny and he’s obviously very proud of his lame Charles Nelson Reilly impersonations.

    Richard Dawson seems to have transformed instantly @1975 from a 60s mod with the turtlenecks & Roger Daltrey hairdo into a Florida guy wearing old man polyesters.

    They’re all dead now…except for Betty White!

  4. jay courthub says :

    no fanny Flagg is still a live still to this day she is 72

  5. Linda says :

    I also grew up with Match Game and love watching the reruns. Agree with your blog – but have to admit I cannot stand: Joyce Bulifant and Patty Deutsch. I always feel sorry for the panelist who has to match them – dingdongs!

  6. Linda says :

    Anybody ever notice that Rayburn either did not wear underwear or wore boxers because you can see where it hangs – on the left side. Either he had super saggy balls or was semi-hard.

  7. Steve Marethyu (@MarethyuSteve) says :

    Completely agree about Gary Burghoff!

  8. charles savage says :

    It was odd when Brett would give others a hard time for their bad answers when she regularly gave terrible answers.

  9. Tony says :

    I actually sympathized with Gene when he got visibly impatient with the celebrities (especially Brett) for droning on and on. Despite Richard usually giving the most astute answers, I never understood why he imitated Stan Laurel or Paul Lynde when doing so. Moreover, his sexual obsession with practically every female contestant was not only smarmy but creepy. And Gary was characteristically obnoxious and embarrassingly unfunny. I could go on, of course, but I’ll close by observing that way too many of the contestants were hopeless morons.

  10. Paul says :

    I would list Gary (Radar) on the top of my list as the most annoying and least favorite television personality I’ve ever watched. I don’t use the word hate but if I did he would define it. If he or a skunk were in the middle of the road and I was driving a car there would be brake marks in front of the skunk.

  11. Frank says :

    Funny stuff. CNR was hilarious being who he was. Gene practically taped a contestant with coconut perfume on. And Gary was brutally mean to Brett. Couldn’t believe it.

  12. Anonymous says :

    So fun to read everyone’s observations of Match Game from back in the 70s. There are other links of interviews with the regulars including Brett Somers that followers like myself would enjoy. Brett talks about Gene’s flirty personality. At the time, Gene, Brett, and Charles were in their 50s with Gene being the oldest.

    I believe Gene was in his early sixties by the time the show was canceled after the 1983 season. I like the fact that they put the year on the show. I was 14 in 1973 coming home from my Freshman year in HS to catch the last 15 min at 2:45 usually. Brett was one of my favorites, and Gary who is often seen in the repeats today as I think BUZZR is conservative and avoids Charles’ appearances. Just my guess. Notice the happy married contestants.
    Gary B treated Brett horribly, and people are right, seldom if at all funny. He did a good Charles impression, however.

    After my mother retired in 78 she loved watching the show. Coming form a liberal moderate Catholic family, we laughed our heads off. Same with Golden Girls.

    Back on Gene Rayburn, he was the original host of the serious Match Game of the 60s in New York, and when asked to do the reboot when it moved to Los Angeles after about 5 years off the air, he said he would do it (commuting from New England bi-weekly as mentioned), with a condition to have it be funny.
    Gene was awkward in some of his humor, but a nice guy, truthfully. Yes, he was
    very flirtatious to the point where Brett said to him, “hey, stop that” when Gene
    kept at one of the losing contestants as she was saying goodbye as the platform
    circled backstage. He went offstage with her. I think someone said they wondered if his wife was watching.

    I think, all of it was “tongue and cheek” to put it bluntly.

    Brett came from the stage, so she had a seasoned approach to things. I liked her a lot, and I thought the regulars could be very hard on her with their humor.
    Just today, however, Gene went up to the second tier to give her a peck and say
    how much he loved her. Very classy. Gary was awful today towards her. Have to
    wonder why even Charles got on her case too, as well as Richard.

    Only a few times could you see hurt feelings, especially with Brett. She maintained her professionalism well, and laughed off the mostly bad jokes.

    She and Gene and Charles were very good pals, along with Fanny Flag, who’s real name is Patricia Neal. Obviously, she had to come up with a stage name because of the famous movie actress from the golden era.

    How I miss the laughter then, and how I loath this age of constant cheap jokes.

    Wasn’t it fun watch the antics. On a repeat I never saw in the 70s was with a professional female wrestler contestant (like Zsa Zsa Gabor in speech) from Transylvania, where she gave a demo and tripped up Alex Karis (from Monday Night Football) using one of her wrestling moves. Totally hysterical.

  13. Anonymous says :

    Oh, meant to clarify, I agree, Gary was the wrong choice in subbing for Charles. He was my least favorite, and I have a feeling Brett had issues with him, though professionally she did everything right. Gary is doing fine today, my guess, and I hope he does not read these comments

  14. Tony says :

    A brief observation on the celebrities who made occasional appearances: They were, and pretty much without exception, awful. Among the worst were Jimmie Walker, Bill Daily, and Alex Karras. I can think of others, of course, but the one who embarrassed himself the most was probably Walker, whose unfunny remarks and antics make me cringe even 40 years later.

  15. Anonymous says :

    I have to stick up for Gary B. I found him caustic witty and most of all real. Brett S on the other hand was so phony and demanding everyone’s attention at all times, especially the more inebriated she got. I really felt for Charles N R he had so much patience dealing with her.

  16. Tony says :

    I’ve seen female vs. female contestants and male vs. female, but never male vs. male. I wonder why.

  17. D J Richert says :

    Not a bad article but I get the impression you didnt watch the show much. I thought the show was decent and their were some genuinely funny episodes and I really enjoyed most of them. They did, however, fall into ruts where the stars seemed more intent on being funny then matching the “ugly midwesteners”. And I think the reason most gays were tolerated better was because they didn’t rub their sexual perversions in your face like they do these days. I mean, I don’t go around telling total strangers that I am a heterosexual. I really don’t want to know what peoples mental illness is.

  18. Kevin says :

    Absolutely agree about Gary Burghoff. I’m watching on Buzzer and Amazon. He filled “Chuck’s” seat for an extended period and he’s incredibly annoying. Always talking over others, begging for attention. Always loved him on M*A*S*H, but I’m finding these episodes hard to watch.

  19. slee says :

    Sommers,worst most annoying person on any show from that era…I do enjoy the reruns from the seventies but she actually spoils so many of the shows…talentless and jealous of any of the attractive actresses that appeared on the show…BTY..someone on this site wrote Richard Dawson was a drunk…HE DID NOT DRINK..so get your facts straight…

  20. Tony says :

    One of the funniest moments was when a female contestant told Gene that her 14-year-old son was a competitive swimmer. “He must have a beautiful body,” said Gene with massive inappropriateness. The mother compounded the awkwardness by saying, somewhat incestuously, “He does.” What that kid must have gone through in school after that.

  21. sandi paul says :

    I grew up on Match Game and my Father would tell me over & over how much he could not stand Brett Somers and I as an adult now understand why. She was by far the most annoying and unfunny person in that show. My daughter has seen those reruns and remembers her G-pa constantly showing his disdain for Brett and now that she is an adult also understands ( like me) on why G-pa disliked Brett. She was the most annoying, obnoxious, not even close to being funny person they kept as a regular on that show. We watch this show on Buzzr today and can’t stand to listen to her trying to act funny, during the question and answering part and then always having to give this long explanation of her answer which is not funny in the least. How she was allowed to be a regular, married to Jack Klugman or not, is still a mystery to me. That woman was obnoxious, rude, unfunny and irritating.

  22. SteveW says :

    I too grew up watching Match Game, and some questions come to mind. How could a smart guy like Jack Klugman end up marrying an obnoxious and unfunny person like Brett Somers? She had a comment for everything, did not like many of her co-celebrities, and every time she spoke or laughed, it was akin to scratching one’s fingernails on a blackboard. As for Charles Nelson Reilly, he was pretty funny. As for Gary Burghoff, he should have remained on the farm in Iowa. He was not funny at all.

  23. SteveO says :

    As a child, I could not form an opinion of Brett Somers, because I was only a child. The only comment I made to my Mother was that, “boy, is she ugly, and has the voice of a witch”. Now, as I watch the repeats of Match Game on both Buzzr and GSN, I can formulate an opinion on this so called icon (in her mind). She was not obnoxious, because that would mean she didn’t know what she was doing. Rather, she was the most arrogant person I had ever seen, as she thought, with all her wigs, that she was beautiful. She was FUGLY! With that shrill voice and ugly mannerisms, she WAS the Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz.
    The only way I would ever order the DVD Sets of this show, is if they went through every tape and replaced this FUGLY Witch with someone more appealing.

  24. Tony says :

    An observation or two on some of the tension that existed among the celebrities: Brett couldn’t stand Gary (and for good reason), while Richard was blatantly hostile toward Charles and, to a somewhat lesser extent, Brett. Not sure how Charles felt about Richard, but Brett spoke very negatively about him at a later date. Kaye Stevens, whom I found very irritating on the show, couldn’t keep her hands off Richard. A different kind of tension, but tension nevertheless.

  25. Jameson L says :

    Charles nelson rilley was more than just a game show panelist
    he was in 22 off broadway plays when it was just getting started he also was in two on broadway plays

    How to succceed in business without really trying
    Hello Dolly
    bye bye birdy
    just to name a small taste of his vast talent

    two time Tony winner
    tv the ghost and mrs. muir
    Love, American style ex. he and brett acted in this together
    huge list under this as well

    the gin gin game
    The Belle of Amherst
    The Nerd

    just to name few

    he was also a drama Teacher
    just a small sample if his students
    Lily Tomlin, Bette Midler

    Charles nelson rilley was a kind loving human being
    match game acting is not his life.

  26. Frank Furter says :

    Yes, I agree Charles Nelson Reilly was a very talented actor. I used to watch The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, and Mr. Reilly starred on that show and was very good indeed. Match Game just gave him the time to relax from the rigors of acting, but sitting next to Brett Somers must have given him a headache.

    Brett Somers thought she was a great actor, singer, etc., but I found her to be obnoxious, lacking of talent and judgmental of other’s character. She was very lucky to be on Match Game, but did nothing to enhance the value of the show, the way Richard Dawson, Gene Rayburn, etc. did. Richard Dawson had class and treated the people with a smile, a kiss or a handshake. Plus he was the best player out of all the celebrities on Match Game.

    Whenever Gary Burghoff took over for Charles Nelson Reilly, I used to cringe at the sight of him. He was this little nebbish of a person who would crack these stupid jokes and play on the nerves of the other celebrities.

    The best celebrities were some of the Sports celebrities such as former St. Louis Cardinal Catcher, Joe Garagiola, former Dodger Pitcher Don Sutton, and former Detroit Lion Defensive Tackle, Alex Karras. They used to sit next to Brett Somers on the top row, first seat, and Brett used to paw them incessantly.

    I loved the ladies who sat on the bottom row, such as Joyce Bulifant, Fannie Flagg, Jo Ann Pflugg, and Patti Deutsch.

    In conclusion, I feel that Brett Somers was an obnoxious, envious person who disliked anyone who she perceived as less talented than her.

  27. Tony says :

    I agree on Charles. Very talented and amusing. He was on “Arnie,” a good show that deserved more of a chance. And he was outstanding as Jose Chung on “The X-Files” (though the same character on “Millenium” was less successful). I also agree on some of the others — Gary, for instance, was an embarrassment. But Alex Karras? He was awful. He couldn’t play to save his life, and looked like he’d rather have been anywhere than on the set of “Match Game.”

  28. Dave Mjtroff says :

    Seriously, was their a bigger jerk than Dawson in his last few years? Because MG wouldn’t let him out of his contract, one HE himself signed, he showed no class at all as he sat there and refused to laugh or smile. Real cool, Richard. Even though you were getting paid quite handsomely for one of the easiest jobs on earth, you couldn’t even try to fake it and act professional, at least for the contestants sake, who all seem to love you so much. Oh, and by the way, Dawson was not nearly as accurate in matching the contestant in the one on one round as people seem to think. If you watch MG regularly, you will see Dawson missed a lot of matches one on one and his accuracy rate was about 1 match every 3 times. And a lot of times when he did match one on one, the answer was so obvious anyway. The reason he was picked so often was because he was the only celebrity who was there every episode and he was the most charming when he wanted to be.

  29. Patty voishich says :

    Kaye Stevens drives me nuts, literally on match game, the old one. What the hell did she laugh so much about??! Poor Richard Dawson had to sit next to her and put up with her leaning on him touching him and totally driving people nuts that are watching!

  30. Pfd572 says :

    Wasn’t a camp follower of Charles Nelson Reilly, just dislike people who try to show how superior their intellect and bitchiness is than those they dismiss. For instance, CNR acted and directed plays on Broadway. Nominated for three Tony’s, won two. Taught acting. Directed several tv shows, nominated for a emmy’s. Get the picture? Your snarkey and badly researched “aren’t I just soooo clever and bitchy” comments proves your limitations.

  31. Cliff Taylor says :

    McClain Stevenson was killer funny and should have been on more often! 10x funnier here than Mash. Catch the episode where he comes out without his shirt on.

  32. Mary Boger says :

    Watched the shows originally, and the reruns. Still find them funny. Such diverse personalities made it interesting and funny. Grew up in a family of six kids so all the quibbling and sarcasm and smart as s remarks was just like being among brothers and sisters. Wouldn’t it have been a dulll show if the celebs all behaved themselves with no teasing or silly banter? I’m sure had they been more sedate they wouldn’t have been asked back.

  33. Mikiesmonkey says :

    I agree & disagree with much written above. Number one, I have vague memories of watching the show after school in the mid-late ’70s. Re. Brett, it’s funny … as a child watching it, I thought she was highly irritating but, as I watch reruns on BUZZR (thank God for BUZZR), while she is an attention whore, she’s not so bad taken at face value. She is what she is. She’s also fairly good in terms of matching people.

    What gets me is panelists who are more concerned with getting a laugh than trying to actually help the contestant win money. i.e. Joyce Bulifant (did she EVER match anyone?) , Patty D., and Bill Daily (same – did HE actually ever match anyone). Richard, CNR, and even Brett usually tried to match with reasonable answers vs. coming up with stupid crap nobody would ever – in a million years – match.

    It’s very obvious, in the time before he left to do Feud, Dawson had become disillusioned with the show. I also notice, when a female did NOT call on him for the head-to-head match, he would become noticeably annoyed … like, how dare you not choose me. When he would miss the head-to-head match, he felt the need to explain why his answer was “the” answer. Yes, he frothed at the mouth over every female contestant that wasn’t butt ugly. He was definitely full of himself.

    Lastly, without any doubt or question, THE most irritating, annoying, intolerable panelist was KAYE STEVENS. Her incessant giggling is absolutely torture. How on earth Richard Dawson refrained from walking off the set is beyond me. She would do it over things that weren’t even remotely funny. Additionally, the way she draped herself all over Richard was sickening. It was embarrassing.

    Oh .. one more thing … Elaine Joyce’s “dumb blonde” act was a bit much to stomach at times. When she would guest on Pyramid in the early-mid ’80s, the dumb blonde persona was no where in sight … as if it were a totally different person.

    All in all … the show is still fun to watch. It’s a great 30 minute encapsulation of the most wonderful decade to date – the 1970s – one I’d trade in a minute for that which we now live.

  34. Anastasia Beaverhousen says :

    Your article sucks.

  35. Cam says :

    I loved game shows when I was a young child in the 70’s. But there were some that I didn’t particularly care for, and one of them was The Match Game. Watching the show as an adult it’s kind of funny in an absurd kind of way. Gene Rayburn admitted that The Match Game had a horrible format, and that he wanted to make the show as fun as possible. I think if anybody else had hosted Match Game instead of Gene the show would’ve failed fast. As silly, whacky, and tacky as Rayburn’s Match Game is, it’s still by far the best format compared to all of the dreadful reboots past and present.

  36. Anonymous says :

    I’m watching a MG rerun right now. In the 70s I watched it with my grandmother (I was in junior high school). As a 12 year old, I didn’t find any of the panelists or Gene annoying. I thought CNR was very funny. But my grandmother couldn’t stand Brett. Whenever she started rambling on about her answer while still not revealing it or was generally disruptive, my grandmother would yell at the TV “Oh come on now, shut up already!” But now at age 58, I can see what my grandmother disliked about her. She was just a typical insecure person who needed a lot of attention. Watch her facial expressions when someone slams her. She responds like a hurt 5 yr old girl and lashes back aggressively. Still annoying of course.
    Someone mentioned Gene’s revealing lack of underwear (lol). I must remember to look now!

  37. Cheryl says :

    When Kaye Stevens is on I have to change the channel. Just can’t take her. Joyce Bulifant added nothing to the show for me. Her wrong answers were neither cute or funny. Gary Burgoff made the show flat line. Richard Dawson’s ego was so pronounced it was obnoxious.

    Charles Nelson Reilly seemed like a nice guy and was witty as hell. Liked Fanny Flagg too. Brett was ok. And I liked Patty D. Not sure about Gene Rayburn’s personality he seemed to get testy at times but did a good job emceeing. And loved Betty White, she’s just great at everything.

  38. William Markley says :

    Jimmy…oh JIMMY…are you still polluting cyberspace or did you do us all a favor and just die you punk ass bitch.

  39. Eric MacMullin says :

    What a mean spirited and inaccurate review. Reading this does not, in any way, make me want to engage with anything else you do.

  40. Anonymous says :

    Gene Rayburn was an ugly, idiotic, old asshole who brought down Match Game. He was never a star, only the host who was hated by most. The stars of the show were the panel, not that buck-toothed fool Rayburn. He was a moron.

  41. Michael Glasmyer says :

    Mr. Reilly was quite successful he was a two tinkering award winning Broadway actor. Voiced several cartoon characters as well as being a director on Broadway and directing numerous episodes of television shows. The author should do some fact chevking.

  42. Michael Glasmyer says :

    That is two time not tinkering sorry

  43. Anonymous says :

    Gary Burghoff should have been ousted from Match Game…he was NO asset, more of just an ass. He erroneously thought he was cute, witty, humorous and an artist… often tempted to turn the show OFF when he was a guest

  44. Casual Observer says :

    Loved MG then. Love it now. But when I was a kid, I wasn’t wise enough to understand some of what was happening on the show.

    1.Still my favorites: Charles Nelson Reilly, Richard Dawson, and Fannie Flagg.

    2. Liked her then/Like her now but hate her droning: Brett Sommers (seems she was trying too hard to be relevant or memorable).

    3. Least favorite panelists: Bill Daly (sit down, Man, geez!) and Gary Burghoff (shut up, Twerp, geez!)

    Very much dislike the episodes in which 2-4 panelists try out-funnying the rest and Gene Rayburn by talking over them incessantly.

    Point-of-fact, though: most contestants were from SoCal and not the midwest.

  45. Anti-Somers says :

    Brett Somers was the worst one on the panel day in and day out just too much Mouth. She distracted from the going ons of the show by her utter stupidity.

  46. Endless Somers says :

    Gary Burghoff on his worst day was certainly no worse than Brett Somers was EVERYDAY. God that woman was obnoxious with a capital O. No wonder Klugman divorced her. Always putting down other panelists’ answers when hers were frequently the most horrible . Speaking of horrible her so called singing voice was enough to peel paint. I remember Ethel Merman was on the show for a week and Somers was clearly getting on her nerves. One time Somers starting singing Merman’s signature song “There’s No Business Like Show Business” …with Merman present. Needless to say Ethel wasn’t impressed. She told Somers “Oh just shut up” and then added “if I sounded like that I’d kill myself”. THAT was funny.

  47. Anonymous says :

    Brett Somers was sickening. Were tv audiences in the seventies senseless or what? I can’t understand it.

  48. Mike Richards Sucks says :

    I might rile up some people for saying this but but I actually like Alec Baldwin a heck of a lot more than I ever did Gene Rayburn. Baldwin at least realizes the show is total BS. Rayburn OTOH, was always on a massive ego trip. Ever notice he always referred to himself as the ‘star’ of the show rather than host? That was telling. And the way he acted around attractive women, both panelists and contestants, was creepy and sickening. Like when he pulled out his breath spray to kiss some new female panelist on the mouth. YUCK!

  49. Jason Briggs says :

    While I LOVE the episodes of the original Match Game, some of the celebrities did REALLY get on my nerves. One of the worst was Kaye Stevens. Her laugh was the most annoying thing EVER, as she seemed to do it constantly throughout the episodes she appeared in and usually at her own unfunny jokes! I noticed they didn’t have her back after the first couple of years (’73 & ’74). The episodes with Richard Dawson in them BY FAR were the best! After he left the show due to the addition of that “star wheel” for the super match, it just was NOT the same show…

  50. Anonymous says :

    On Dec 31, 2021 the world lost Betty White. Just 17 days shy of her 100th birthday Betty was one of the last living links to the original Match Game. Always sweet, always classy, she will be forever missed.

  51. Lin says :

    Kay Stevens was a disgusting idiot. I can’t watch her. Was she a drunk?

  52. J.J. says :

    In those very homophobic days, keeping your gay light under a bushel was standard fare. Those popular entertainers couldn’t come out or they risked
    losing work, losing most of their fan base. But haven’t you noticed CNR, as
    hilarious and camp as he was, did a lot himself toward playing straight on
    that show and on Carson who had him on numerous times. On Carson, CNR
    would even talk (seriously) about dating women, once taking it so far as to
    talk about a fiancee. He could be homphobic. At least Fannie had the dignity
    to keep her mouth shut and not pretending to be straight. Though now I think
    of it, I do remember a series of shows where she goes absolutely gaga for
    a male contestant. What was up wid dat ?!!

  53. Anonymous says :

    Wow you are the most judgemental asshole of all time get a blanking life

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