Memories Of My 2006 Cleveland Trip (Via The LeBronocalypse)

– finding a Godsmack CD in my rental car (I left it in the glove box)

– serious mold stains in the hallway of the Holiday Inn

– receiving coinage from a toll booth operator that had not been in circulation for decades

– having a large construction worker snarl “Fuckin’ tourist!” at me in downtown Cleveland in response to my “I Survived Hurricane Charley” t-shirt

– my friend Ed gifting me a handful of rubber snakes as he drove me to the airport in Florida, so I could take some “snakes on a plane”

– not going to the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame because it cost too much

– driving by a neighborhood that looked like where Drew Carey lived on his TV show and legitimately fearing for my safety

– eating lots of White Castle

– thinking one weekend in Cleveland was probably enough for this lifetime

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