A Letter Of Note

Whilst cleaning my room the other day I came across this fabulous piece of history. Some of you may know that in 2002 I began work on a book about the Dead Kennedys. Things didn’t pan out with that, mostly due to my inexperience but also because DK singer Jello Biafra refused to subject himself to me. Quoteth the old boy: “I don’t really have the time…let alone the interest.”

Note the fact Jello circled the final “A” in his name to create the anarchy sign and then added a little registered trademark symbol. Jello Biafra understands brand awareness. I wonder if he ever signs anything with his birth name, Eric Boucher, any more. Probably his taxes? If he actually pays them, that is.

I appreciate that Jello took the time to write me back. He could have just passed a curt “no” along via his assistant. Still, “the last thing the world needs?” The last thing the world needs is another Black Plague. I think we as a global society could handle a Dead Kennedys biography.

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