We Didn’t Start The Fire: 1990-99

Below are some lyrics I wrote for YouTube parody I was planning of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire” that would have covered everything from where he left off (1990) until now. I gave up just before Y2K because I realized I didn’t have a table I could light on fire for the video.

As you read along, imagine Billy singing in that über-serious monotone style (the same one he used in the first song to make us believe the cultural events he was listing were the only ones that mattered) as an arsenal of keyboards echo around him.

D.C. mayor cokehead sleaze
Moscow gets a Mickey Ds
Gulf War, Jordan scores
Greta Garbo lives no more

The Muppet guy also bails
Iron Mike goes to jail
Rodney King, Bart Simpson sings
New York Giants get a ring

Jeffrey Dahmer, Kurt Cobain
Hypercolor super lame
Bill Clinton, Al Gore
Total Recall three tit whore

Magic’s got HIV
France hates EuroDisney
Amy Fisher, “Murphy Brown”
Chris Farley funny clown

Wayans Brothers, “X Files”
Stussy’s got the hot styles
Internet, you’ve got mail
Tim McVeigh epic fail

Tupac, Biggie, & Death Row
“Dawson’s Creek,” what a show
Wonder Bra, instant tan
Clooney sucks as Batman

President fellatio
Cuban kid nowhere to go
Jon Stewart, Lilith Fair
Ted Danson’s got grey hair

[This next part replaces the original’s JFK line]


4 responses to “We Didn’t Start The Fire: 1990-99”

  1. Yuki #1 JG Fan OMG says :

    This version is so much better than Billy Joel’s, because it’s about things I actually remember, and also it’s not sung by Billy Joel.

  2. Anonymous says :

    this si funny and this is really fun at the internet

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