The Third & Final Zapped! Post Of The Week

As you may have gathered, I recently watched the 1982 sci-fi teen sex comedy Zapped! and it really messed with my head. I just can’t stop thinking about the damn thing, mainly because the movie leaves so many unanswered questions. Here now, six of the biggies:

1. Who is Scott Baio growing all that weed for? The son of a gun’s got this epic stash in his science lab, but we never really learn the identity of the intended recipient. The principal? The baseball coach? Himself?

2. What happens to that kid from “Square Pegs?” They make a big deal about introducing him and his posse at the top of the movie and then he just disappears. Was that who Scott Baio was growing the weed for?

3. How do the principal and that teacher not get thrown out of the restaurant for screwing under the table?

4. What the hell is going on in that scene where Heather Thomas farts? Does Willie Aames not care that she farted, or was he the one who farted? If so, he doesn’t seem too concerned with it. Neither does Heather Thomas. Was farting cool in 1982?

5.[SPOILER ALERT] If Scott Baio didn’t actually lose his powers in the end, why the fuck didn’t he come back for the sequel? Admittedly, this is more a question Zapped Again! fails to answer.

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One response to “The Third & Final Zapped! Post Of The Week”

  1. Thom rafferty says :

    1. Barney was growing the pot for Peyton who was going to sell them. “Super weed means super dope and a lot of bucks for us, Barn.”

    2. While Gary Cooter (Meritt Butrick of Square Pegs) reads his poem “Chicks,” Barney fantasizes about Jane and gets an erection. To hide it from Miss Burnhardt, he uses his power for the first time at school and makes the map fall on her and Principle Coolidge. Bernadette sees this and becomes suspicious. It’s was an important plot point. But that’s the last we see of Gary.

    3. They probably were thrown out.

    4. Jane (Heather Thomas) does NOT fart. As she bends over, Peyton unscrews the cork in the champagne bottle and it makes a squeaking sound. This makes Jane THINK she farted. That’s how it is in the script and the closed captioning makes it clear.

    5. The producers of the sequel offered Scott Baio and Heather Thomas cameos. Baio wanted too much money and Thomas refused to return as Jane Mitchell and be “Zapped Again!” Linda Blair played her role.

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