Unsolicited Zapped! Limerick Review

There once was a teenager named Barney
who got caught up in some brain power blarney
he knocked off some bras
which soon gave him pause
’cause people treated him like fuckin’ Art Carney!

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3 responses to “Unsolicited Zapped! Limerick Review”

  1. jamesgreenejr says :

    There once was a kid named Jim
    who decided to review “Zapped!” on a whim
    he forgot to say
    it is only okay
    and the special effects are quite grim!

  2. Elizabeth says :

    There once was a man named Scott Baio.
    He mixed weed and some Jack and then, Hey-yo!
    He can take off your pants
    With a squinty-eyed glance
    And prom? This year I’d say Don’t Go!

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