The Star Wars Blu-Ray Changes (So Far)

As an addendum to my post yesterday about the leaked Star Wars Blu-Rays (now confirmed by Lucasfilm to be legit), I present to you a by no means definitive and certainly not comprehensive list of changes made to the original films for this release as noticed by other viewers. No, I have not seen the full Blu-Ray leaks myself. I’ve just been lurking Star Wars message boards and making note every time someone posts about a new alteration. My guess is we won’t be aware of every single update or “correction” until after the physical release on 9/16.


– droid escape pod now emits heat trails
– extra moisture vaporators CGI’d into Tatooine
– new Krayt dragon roar
jagged rock CGI’d in front of R2-D2 in the Krayt dragon scene
– Han and Greedo shoot at the same time in the Cantina


– most of blue tint on Hoth erased
– most of puppeteer’s arm erased from Wampa attack
– extra flames aded to probe droid crater


– new establishing shot outside Jabba’s palace
prequel creature wandering around inside Jabba’s palace
– CGI do-over of Han Solo’s carbonite de-freezing
blinking Ewoks
– CGI do-over of R2-D2’s malfunction on Endor
– Darth Vader whining “NOOO!” in Emperor’s throne room

As previously noted, issues with lightsaber color and various audio bugs from the 2004 DVDs have apparently carried over. Per the former, it’s my understanding that while the most egregious lightsaber errors were touched up, the majority of weird colors remain throughout the trilogy.

Sigh. When the fuck does Skatetown, U.S.A. come out on Blu-Ray? I wanna roller boogie my pain away.

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8 responses to “The Star Wars Blu-Ray Changes (So Far)”

  1. RoBeast Rollie says :

    Han and Greedo shoot at a new same time, or at the old same time which was edited as a backlash to Greedo shooting first (which still ended up being Greedo shooting a split second ahead of Han)?

    When I first heard about these new blu-rays I started reading up on all the changes ever made for all the editions. It’s really mind boggling just how many versions of these movies there are–so many that I may never end up buying a single one. I’m also starting to think there never was an original version in the first place and the movies are constantly being edited in a worm hole.

  2. jamesgreenejr says :

    It is, apparently, at the exact same time now, but there’s still a weird freeze in the middle of the scene. At least that’s what I read. It doesn’t sound all that different from the last controversial iteration, but it’s still a new fiddle. Also, late breaking: CGI window reflections in Cloud City.

    If “Star Wars” is edited in a void and no one’s around to complain, has it really been edited?

  3. Anonymous says :

    Who the fuck is this strange Lucasfilm source who supposedly confirmed these changes. Where’s the proof? There isn’t any from what I can see.

  4. jamesgreenejr says :

    While it is a little strange this Phantom PR Rep of Lucasfilm did not give out their name, generally the New York Times doesn’t just print made-up baloney:

    Big Shiny Robot got confirmation on the further changes, but again, no name:

    One would assume if these places were fabricating Lucasfilm PR quotes, the company would have issued their own statement putting said publications on blast and clarifying the situation with the leaks/changes.

    Also, I can sort of understand the Lucasfilm PR person going anon, only because that Sansweet guy got fucking hammered in ’04 when he was trying to smooth over the Hayden ghost thing.

  5. Chip says :

    Its incredibly ironic considering what Lucas said back in the 80’s:

    “A copyright is held in trust by its owner until it ultimately reverts to public domain. American works of art belong to the American public; they are part of our cultural history.”

    “People who alter or destroy works of art and our cultural heritage for profit or as an exercise of power are barbarians”

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