Ben Weasel Wrote A Song About The Time He Punched Ladies

“Carnival of Schadenfreude” was posted to the Screeching Weasel Facebook four days ago. Sample lyrics:

“Here in the Carnival of Schadenfreude
Everyone’s acting like they’re so annoyed
Looks like my name is mud
I can’t help but ask ‘So what?’
I’m trying to make a buck, not friends…

“Deep in the ugly heart of Texas now
They called it a battle of the sexes—wow!
It all seems a little fake
I can’t seem to catch a break
My gosh and for goodness’ sake it’s silly…”

At least Ben’s staying in character. No clue who’s actually in Screeching Weasel now (the Queers?), but this song is the titular cut from a forthcoming EP. By the sounds of it, the lyrics above will be the only aspect worth debating.

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