The Unheard Music To Be Heard, Seen Again This December

W.T. Morgan’s 1986 documentary The Unheard Music, centered around L.A. punk poet legends X, is receiving the DVD/Blu-Ray treatment for a December 13 rerelease via MVD Entertainment. This appropriately dubbed “Silver Edition” will boast a new film transfer, a 5.1 audio mix, a twenty-fifth anniversary “dialogue” with X founders John Doe and Exene Cervenka, some behind-the-scenes stuff, a replica of the original souvenir song book, and the movie itself, which covers the timespan between X’s 1980 debut album Los Angeles and 1983’s More Fun in The New World.

As a major league X fan who’s only seen this pivotal film in bits and pieces, I’m pretty effing stoked. Finally, my Blu-Ray player will be used for something other than endless repeat of The Dark Knight special features. Screw you, Christian Bale stunt doubles!

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