Scott Reynolds Apologizes For Teasing Danzig (Via Song)

Earlier this month, All singer Scott Reynolds fanned the flames of heavy metal Hell when he appeared at Chicago’s Riot Fest dressed as perennial grump Glenn Danzig. The Glenn Brigade was none too pleased with Scott’s “tribute,” and they’ve been giving the guy grief ever since. So, a couple days ago, Scott uploaded the following musical apology to Danzig, saying he was “being a dick” and that he “knows what it’s like to be picked on.” All fans will appreciate the Descendents joke tucked in there, but will any serious Danzig fans accept this mea culpa from Scotty Fake-zig?

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2 responses to “Scott Reynolds Apologizes For Teasing Danzig (Via Song)”

  1. Scott Reynolds says :

    Help Scott Reynolds make a new record and he might do your laundry…

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