That Old Black Magic

Working on a book about the Misfits has sort of desensitized me to Halloween. I’ve been staring at pictures of guys in spooky costumes all year, trying every day to make a little more sense of their blood-soaked, cobweb-tangled, sharply pumpkin-flavored punk rock oeuvre. Life will probably seem vaguely normal tonight when I go out and see homemade zombies and d.i.y. vampires dashing around the streets.

This is how I imagine long term Disney employees feel when they go on vacation to Paris and catch a glimpse of someone wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt. It barely even registers.

Still, I should try to get into the spirit. So here’s Florence Henderson performing “That Old Black Magic” on Paul Lynde’s 1976 prime time Halloween special. Finally, Carol Brady enters the Satanic plane, satiating the Noseless One and preventing a global undead apocalypse.

Hard to believe this didn’t become a radio staple of the season.

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