John John Hinckley, Jr., What Will D.C. Do With You?

Infamous failed presidential assassin John Hinckley is back in the news this week as he campaigns for more freedom away from his permanent residence of St Elizabeths Hospital. Actually, the hospital themselves put the current proceedings into motion, claiming Jodie Foster’s most deranged fan is psychologically prepared for stays outside St Elizabeths of up to twenty-four days (as of right now, the Hinck is “only” allowed to be on leave for nine days max at a time). They eventually want to let him move out completely, which would put the final button on the Reagan shooting being a big fat inside job, don’t you think?

Perspective: Marcelino Corniel, a confused homeless man, was shot and killed outside the White House in 1994 for doing little more than waving around a hunting knife. John Hinckley, Jr., the son of a Bush elbow-rubber, landed a bullet right next to a sitting president’s heart and pretty soon he could be living on yo’ street, trimmin’ yo’ hedges and eatin’ yo’ Doritos. Quoteth Dee Dee Ramone, it’s a sick world, sick sick sick.

To be fair to John Hinckley, there’s no evidence he’s tried to go after any other member of the Reagan family since 1981. So I guess we should see what Nancy, Ron Jr, Michael, and Patti have to say about all this. Fire up the Reagan roundtable!

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