Definitive Proof Of The Giorgio Tsoukalos Hair Combing

How he normally appears:

Definitive proof that combs exist! Up next on “Strange Encounters”: What kind of advanced alien craft afflicted Giorgio with that horrible Snooki-like skin condition? If you said a Zeta Reticuli freight cruiser, have we got a surprise for you!

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8 responses to “Definitive Proof Of The Giorgio Tsoukalos Hair Combing”

  1. Bill P (@Chillybillz) says :

    Giorgio Tsoukalos is pretty much my favorite person on TV ever. I never miss a show. Seriously, I never miss a show.

  2. jamesgreenejr says :

    He’s a dynamic figure, that’s for sure.

  3. Janis Maharaj says :

    Good Lord, what a mess! Come on, George, your momma would not approve of that get-up!

  4. how much is spray tanning says :

    Thanks for sharing such a good opinion, article is pleasant, thats why
    i have read it entirely

  5. kalani says :

    aaaaah, comm-on.
    little “G” is trying to be a “wanna-be”…Eienstinnnnn-ie,
    He has to “fuzz” the “locks” out a little more…and go grey,
    or, Do…” foils” and make it look so.
    why pick on him?
    he’s got a “gimmic” that “Us”…wished we had.
    But, The program is entertain and brings the ??????
    There is a Ancient Inventions???
    That, gives a theory (in the hands of ..James Dean, in virtual
    “stuffs’)…an is just as entertaining as “AA” with “G” and the rest
    of that crew.
    What ever happened to the …”lost continent of MU?”

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